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8 Practical Baby Shower Gifts To Put On Your Baby Registry

If you are busy planning your baby registry and you have no idea what to add my advice is to go for the practical things that you will need for your baby. There are lots of things you will need, some are high ticket items that you will need to purchase yourself, like a cot, pram and car seat. For your baby shower registry rather focus on the many smaller items you will need for your baby.

Here are some super practical baby shower gifts to add to your baby registry:

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8 Practical Baby Shower Gifts To Put On Your Baby Registry

Baby Pillow

Plagiocephaly, more commonly known as flat head syndrome, causes your baby’s head to become misshapen or flat due to pressure on your baby’s soft skull.  The most common type is positional plagiocephaly, which usually occurs after birth when your baby spends some time in a position that puts pressure on the skull. Newborn babies spend a significant amount of time sleeping on their backs and will often develop a flat spot on their head where they are lying against the mattress.

To prevent and rectify flat head syndrome you can use a special baby pillow that will support your baby’s head with a special head shaping feature.

Make sure to read some reviews to find the best baby pillows available for your baby.

Baby Wrap

A baby wrap will make your life so much easier in the first few months of being a new mom. It is very common for babies to want to be held all the time and this can leave mommy exhausted and not able to get much done. Baby wearing is popular for very good reason. You will be able to move around and have your hands free while keeping your baby snug and happy against your body.

Baby wearing makes breastfeeding so much easier and it also promotes bonding with your baby.

Travel Pillow

Your newborn baby’s neck is weak and you will want to have your baby’s head supported and comfortable while traveling. Finding a good quality kids travel pillow is the answer to protect your baby’s neck while traveling, plus it can be used for many years to come when traveling with your child.

More often than not babies, toddlers and young children will fall asleep in the car when travelling. Newborn infant car seats sometimes provide adequate head support, however many car seats for babies and toddlers don’t which results in your child’s head lying in an unnatural angle when sleeping.  Using a kids travel pillow can make sure that your child’s head is supported when travelling, especially when sleeping.

This will ensure that your child does not get injured or result in a sore or stiff neck.

Baby Thermometer

A baby thermometer is an absolute must have for any new mom. A temperature is one of the sure ways to know that something is not right with your baby, so you will always want one on hand.

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to a thermometer for your baby. You can get a digital thermometer for using under your baby’s armpit or you can choose to get an infrared thermometer that takes your baby’s temperature from the ear or the forehead.

You can also get thermometer stickers that you stick onto your baby that will keep track of your baby’s temperature which can be really useful.

You can even get a wireless thermometer that will monitor your child’s temperature and you can keep tabs on it remotely from wherever you are.

Baby Changing Mat

Every new mom needs a changing mat for her baby’s nursery. It is a good idea to get one that is waterproof so that it doesn’t get ruined – chances are high that there will be lots of little accidents happening on your baby’s changing mat. It is best to get one that you can easily sanitize and wipe clean.

For baby’s comfort choose one that is padded like a mattress and for safety reasons the ones that have contoured sides to keep your baby safe from rolling off the mat while changing diapers.

Baby Play Mat

Your baby will need to have some floor time, especially tummy time. Having a lovely baby play mat makes for a nice place for your baby to play and practice his turning over and lifting his head and body.

Choose a play mat that has some padding and some toys attached to keep him entertained.

Carry Cot

A carry cot is super useful for if you are on the move a lot, and even for when you are at home. A carry cot provides a safe and snug place for your baby to sleep.

Instead of buying an expensive bassinet you can use a carry cot and place it inside your cot until your baby is a bit older. You can also place it inside your pram so that you can move your sleeping baby around the house with you to keep an eye on him.

If you are out and about you will always have the perfect bed for your baby to sleep in.

Baby Bedding

Decorating the baby’s room is going to be one of the highlights for every new mother. You are going to want to add your choice of bedding to your baby registry otherwise you run the risk of friends or family buying something that is not going to match the theme of your decor.

Yes you can always return the bedding and exchange it for something you like but this is an unnecessary hassle, especially when you are pregnant and you have so much to do to prepare for your new arrival.

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  1. A baby thermometer I feel is one of the most important of all items that every mother needs and doesn’t always think of getting.
    I ensure that when I put together a gift bag for a baby shower there is a thermometer included. It is not even expensive and is really such a handy tool for any new mother.

    Baby bedding is a must as well, with a new baby in the home there isn’t much time to wash daily, so it is handy to have extra sets of bedding, mainly keeping in mind the occasional nappies leaks. Bedding is also not always included as a high necessity item with new mothers.

  2. Elize Swanepoel

    Great ideas!

    A Baby thermometer is an absolute must, especially a digital one. After using the one that I had in my baby’s grooming kit a couple of times, I ordered a digital ear and forehead thermometer online. I’m still using that thermometer. Its’s just so much easier than waiting for the conventional thermometer to start beeping. Seconds felt like minutes sometimes.

    I ordered a duvet set for JD before he was born and I received a little pillow with the pillow case. I was so happy with that. It really helped us a great deal.

    I didn’t even know you get a travel pillow, but what a great item to have.

    Changing mats are are an absolute must as well. I’ve used mine when we visited friends or family. The great thing is that you often get a complimentary changing mat when you buy a baby bag. I received a wonderful baby bag with a matching changing mat from Dis-chem when I was pregnant. I loved that bag. The only problem was so many other Mommy’s had the exact same bag. I had the same problem with my complimentary baby bag and changing mat that I got at Mediclinic. The one day a Mom at the day care took JD’s bag instead of her own child’s. After that incident I just bought different baby bags that are quite unique to avoid this from happening again.

    A play mat is a wonderful item to have. I entered and won a competition where I won a stunning and expensive play mat with toys and all kinds of activity features. I also bought a colourful water proof playmat that we kept on the sitting room floor. I had to throw it out eventually due to wear and tear. I would definitely recommend one of these. They make life a lot easier.

  3. Great Ideas, all of these are a must have so very important. When I shop for baby shower gifts it take weeks because I dont like to just buy cloths which is a norm, I like to get gifts that will be for the baby and to make moms life a little bit more easier.

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