Behind The Scenes 22 October 2021 – Getting Back On Track!

After having such a sick and slow week last week I’m finally feeling better and just in time too since we are going away this weekend. It was good to be feeling well for our live video this morning and we had some great giveaways, check out my competitions page for winners.

Going Away To 22 Waterfalls

I’ve been busy packing to go away with my family this weekend to 22 Waterfalls in Porterville. We have really been looking forward to this weekend away. It is called 22 Waterfalls because there is a hike and you pass 22 waterfalls along the way. Sadly the weather does not look good for today or tomorrow. However after checking with them they have said that we can still hang around on Sunday for the hike since the weather should be good.

I will share Facebook and Instagram stories of our trip so keep your eyes open for that, followed by a blog review when I get home.

Recovering From Flu

It’s been so hard to keep on track with work due to being so burnt out, followed by getting flu (then my husband catching it followed by my daughter). This last week I have been feeling better and finally got out some content that I have been itching to publish. I find it so frustrating when I have things on my to do list that I just cannot get to, so it felt amazing to have the energy and good health to get things done.

Hiking On A Monday Morning

I started the week off beautifully on Monday morning with a quick hike in the West Coast National Park with some friends straight after dropping the kids off at school. Wow what a difference it makes doing something awesome for myself first thing on a Monday morning. We went for coffee afterwards before I headed home to get started on work.

We plan to do the same hike again next week Tuesday, while I would love it to be Monday again we moved it to Tuesday so another friend can join us.

New Competitions

I published two new competitions this week – so head on over to my competitions page to enter to win a R500 Clicks digital voucher and a Wriggle and Rhyme goodie bag.

Buffelsfontein Bush Camp Review

We went a few weeks back to camp overnight at the Buffelsfontein bush camp and it was an amazing experience. It took me a while to get the post up due to being so tired then so sick. It was an amazing night away where we all managed to switch off from tech and bond as a family.

The bush camp is really rustic and won’t be to everyone’s taste but for us it was amazing. Read my full review here.

Russells On The Port Restaurant Review

My husband and I went out to Russells On The Port for dinner on our 10th wedding anniversary and it was a lovely experience. Our anniversary was at the beginning of August but since things have been so hectic this is one of the things I have been wanting to publish but never seemed to get to. I am so happy to be able to tick this off my to do list.

Read my review here.

Goodbye Ants

Every year as soon as it gets warm ants invade our home in a big way and drives me crazy! It is expensive to get a pest control company to solve the ant problem and I’ve tried so many home remedies with very little success until now.

Recently someone told me about mixing one part boracic powder with three parts castor sugar. I gave it a go and for the first time the ants are gone. I gave some to my neighbour who struggles with the same problem and he has also had superb results. Give it a go and let me know if you are also happy with the results.


I’ve just received a bottle of ADCO CBD oil for daily use. While I don’t personally use any CBD products, I am a fan of CBD. Yes that may sound strange, but I am a recovering alcoholic and addict so I stay from anything that may have any connection to drugs and alcohol. For example I don’t drink non-alcoholic beer, wine or champagne even though there is no alcohol.

My friend on the other hand heard about the CBD oil and she is itching to try it, so I will be handing it over to her this afternoon and she will be trying it out and giving me feedback. I will update soon on her results.

Jam Packed Subscription Box – The Papery

I received my Jam Packed stationery subscription box from The Papery last week and unboxed it during last week’s live video and this week I shared it on Instagram. I am so in love with it and every stationery lover will be too.

I will publish a review on my blog soon! For now I am just enjoying my spoils.

Luna Angeli Period Pack

I finally found a good time to give my daughter her period pack that I received from Luna Angeli and she loved it. I enjoyed watching her unpack everything and seeing her reaction.

Her favourite item is the microwave bean bag, followed by the personalized info pack addressed to her. She was taken aback by it having her name on and very pleased. She also loves the sweets, hot chocolate and marshmallows. When she took out the pads and panty liners she said “oh pads” in surprise and carefully placed them aside. Also included in the pack is a bottle of hand lotion, a hand sanitizer and hygiene wipes as well as the large Luna Angeli bag and the Luna Angeli pouch.

My review and some social media posts will follow soon.


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