Osteoporosis in Women

Women produce a lot of estrogen in their bodies, it helps develop and maintain both the reproductive system and contributes to bone health. The female hormone estrogen is essential for healthy bones, it plays an important role in building and maintaining bones in a women’s body. Osteoporosis is caused by bone loss which affects both men and women of all races more especially older women who are past menopause are at the highest risk.

Osteoporosis In Women

Your young female bodies make new bones faster than it breaks down old bone and your bone mass increases, as women age bone mass is lost faster than it is created. It happens that after a female reaches their 20s the process slows down and it causes bone loss. How likely you are to develop osteoporosis depends partly on how much bone mass you attained in your youth, after all, what we do today affects our bones today and tomorrow, Says Doctor Naadir Bismilla an Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Causes Of Osteoporosis In Women

  • Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that causes serious health problems and disability in older women, whereby their bones become weak and break easily.
  • There are risk factors that cause osteoporosis in women such as the hormonal change that happens after menopause it directly affects bone density.
  • Having a smaller or thinner body increases the risk of having Osteoporosis, having a healthy normal body weight allows your body to have a higher peak bone mass.
  • Heavily drinking and smoking can also harm bone health.
  • Not getting enough calcium and vitamin D minimizes the chances of building and maintaining bone density and strong bones.
  • Not engaging in physical activities.


Treating And Preventing Osteoporosis In Women

  • Normally treatment involves medication along with lifestyle changes, prevention doesn’t only start when you are younger, at any age, you can engage in exercises that help you build bone mass and prevent further bone loss.
  • Engage in physical activities as exercising for 30-40 mins regularly, taking walks, dancing, or playing tennis to help build and maintain bone density.
  • Include enough calcium and protein in your diet, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Getting enough vitamin D through sunlight or a supplement is also important.
  • Check your bone health regularly.
  • Kick bad habits, such as eating disorders, along with decreasing alcohol consumption to at least having one glass of wine per day.

Osteoporosis commonly occurs in the hip, wrists, or spine, women who feel or suspect they have symptoms must be in contact with a professional nurse or their doctor and those who are diagnosed with bone loss should follow the treatment prescribed by their health practitioner.

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About Dr Naadir Bismilla – Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Naadir Bismilla is an Orthopaedic Surgeon in private practice specializing in Knees, Shoulders and Trauma Injuries. Dr Bismilla practices at Netcare Garden City Hospital, Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital, and at Medicross the Berg.

Dr Naadir Bismilla began his career in medicine after graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand with his medical degree then went on to do his internship and community service years.  Dr Bismilla then completed a qualification in orthopaedic surgery whilst finishing his Master of Medicine degree.

“I am so blessed to have two absolute passions in life. The first one started when I was a child, and that was sport. Sport is what kept me going as a young boy born in the 80s. Hand me a bat or give me a ball and I’d excel individually or within a team. The second one hit me when I was a medical student, and that is Orthopaedic Surgery. It was at that moment that I knew what I wanted to become and who I wanted to be someday. I then began my journey towards becoming an Orthopaedic Surgeon. After a lot of dedication, my hard work finally paid off and today I am an Orthopaedic Surgeon”

Dr Bismilla has been practising as an orthopaedic surgeon in private practice since then. Being in the orthopaedics field for some time, Dr Bismilla has remained up to date with the latest techniques and technologies Dr Naadir Bismilla has a particular interest in the management and treatment of knee, shoulder and trauma injuries; he strives to help his patients regain mobility and return to their normal functionality despite having endured an injury and undergone surgery.

As a compassionate surgeon, Dr M. N. Bismilla always considers his patients’ needs and comfort levels during diagnosis and treatment and works to ensure they have the best possible outcome. Beyond his capabilities and expertise as an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Bismilla understands the psychological and emotional effects of knee, shoulder and sports injuries on his patients. He approaches his patients empathetically to address concerns and provide a compassionate ear during treatment and rehabilitation.

“I am now able to combine both passions I am an orthopaedic surgeon that specializes in knees and shoulders, and frequently treats sports injuries. I also try and stay active by playing sport. I have had to sit on the side-lines for 6-8 weeks watching my team have the time of their life, and experienced the tedious rehabilitation process followed by weeks of putting in extra effort to try regain my fitness levels.  I understand first-hand what some of my patients go through pre and post-surgery.  I also understand that I am very fortunate that none of these injuries have impaired my abilities permanently. These experiences have made me more compassionate, and fuel my drive to do whatever I can and I within my knowledge and power to help my patients regain full functionality and movement so they can also pursue and conquer their goals and dreams again like I get to every day.”

With his membership to the South African Orthopaedic Association (SAOA), and affiliation with his brother, Dr Shaaheen Bismilla (an orthopaedic surgeon with a fellowship in knee surgery with Dr Glen Vardi), Dr Naadir Bismilla remains up-to-date with new research, technology, techniques and equipment in the field of orthopaedic surgery.

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