Ways you can save money as a mother

5 Ways You Can Save Money As A Mother

Being a parent is very expensive. Diapers, baby food, toys, clothes and the million other things you never consider until you need them. They all add up! Well, today I have for you a few simple ways that you can make sure you have a little more money in your purse at the end of the month.

5 Ways To Save Money as a mom

Use Coupons!

No doubt you have seen those couponing shows where women are feeding half the street thanks to their coupon savings. Well, I am not saying you go that far. But look at the stores you do your shopping in and then look online to see if you can find coupons for that store. Look in your local newspaper as well and even get on Facebook and ask friends and family members if they know of any coupons. Saving a buck here or a few pennies there may not sound like much at the time, but it all adds up!

There are a lot of couponing sites so be sure to Google them.  This is a great couponing site that is very popular.

Have A Shopping Budget

We all end up spending more money during our grocery shopping trips than we intend to and a way to stop this is having a budget and a shopping list. Make a note of what you actually need before you go to the store and give yourself a strict shopping budget. If you need to, use cash only and leave the cards at home which makes impulse spending harder! I know that sticking to this can be tough, but once you do it one time and realize that you do have enough food and supplies to last the week, it will become second nature and you will find yourself looking for ways to come in under budget…even while getting all the items on your list.

Look At Your Monthly Payments

By this, I am talking about your utilities, your water, power and so on. But not just that…look at everything! Your phone bill, the internet, cable bill and any other monthly cash outflows that are happening. See if you can save a few bucks by switching providers. Many companies these days are fighting for customers so there is a lot of consumer power out there right now. Even calling your existing internet provider or whatever and letting them know you are thinking of jumping ship may get you a better deal. Just knowing exactly how much a month you have going out in bills lets you know how you can budget the rest of the money you have.

Along the lines of a shopping budget, take that one step further and create a complete monthly budget.  Use a budget calculator to track your spending and saving projections and try to stick to it.  And of course evaluate progress each month and tweak it as neededbuy second hand clothing for baby and mom

Buy Used

There is nothing wrong with buying things used. With my first kid I was guilty of buying all the most expensive clothes, clothes that they would wear for a few months at the most, and then outgrow them or get them so dirty they had to be retired! Buying used clothes can save you a ton of money. Not just for your kids, but yourself as well. Using thrift stores for clothing, toys and even furniture can really save you a ton of money. You can go in there with 20 bucks and come out with a whole new wardrobe. While the clothes will all be cleaned, give them a clean yourself and that way your mind is at ease. But you will be less annoyed if your kid outgrows a 1 dollar t-shirt you bought at the thrift store after only wearing it a few times than if it is a 10 dollar t-shirt you got from Walmart or the latest designer brand.

Do You Really Need That?

This is a question I ask myself a lot before I buy anything these days. Do I really need that new shirt? Do the kids really need another Lightning McQueen? Do we really need this huge cable TV package we have when we also have Netflix? We all waste a lot of money on things that are really not essential. Before you spend any money when you are out and about, always ask if you really need it. A little treat once in awhile is great for you and the kids and it makes you appreciate it all the more! As well as having this attitude when you are out and about, have it for the things you have in your house, Cable, iTunes, HBO and so on.


These are 5 easy and somewhat obvious ways to save money as a mother.  Obvious as they are, they will save you hundreds of dollars very quickly.  Take the challenge and start today…we promise your future self will thank you!

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