Expert Tips For Starting A Small Mompreneur Business

Being a mom is a full-time job. This Mom’s Job can give you satisfaction but it won’t let you enjoy the financial independence. A few ambitious and career-oriented moms are taking up the challenge of being a full-time employee and a mom. And other few creative mothers are raising their children with their businesses. That woman who is an entrepreneur and a mother too is a Mompreneur. This term may be new for you but this challenge is not new for women.


Since the startup storm hit India, the word ‘Entrepreneur’ became very common. Every second person wants to have his own business. Although initiating a business from scratch is risky but we have noticed that startups are flourishing in India. This is a motivating fact for those mothers who want to work but on their own terms.

The culture of the corporate world also gives heartily welcome to the startups. Today’s corporate world notices only the sheer hard work, dedication and results. And if you have these qualities then you can be a successful Mompreneur. The connectivity also plays an important role in the journey from a mom to a Mompreneur. Connectivity has become so strong now that it doesn’t matter anymore from where you are working. If you are a specialist in your field then you will have numbers of opportunities.

If you are a Mompreneur or want to be one then here we have few secrets that will enable you to lead a balanced life of a mom and an entrepreneur.

Set Your Priorities

It’s not easy for young moms to handle both family and business together. But if they will set priorities for them then life will become a bit easy. Usually, new moms start feeling guilty for not giving full attention to their kid because of their business, this is not required at all. There is nothing wrong in giving some extra time to your business and sometimes to your family. You can have a good bonding with your clients who understand your family is your focal point so they will cooperate with you. If any client doesn’t do that, then instead of forcing yourself and streaking your working hours, better to say goodbye to him.

Take Baby Steps

The baby steps make a little one confident enough to run, same applies in the case of startups as well. We all know about the success stories of all the big companies and how they started. No matter from which field or country these companies belong to, they have one common thing that they started from a very small level. Same, we suggest all the aspiring mompreneurs – Ideas on Business marketing start with a small step. Instead of hiring a big team at the initial stage of your business, have a small team and start your business with them. Connectivity is the biggest tool that will help you to grow from scratch, so use it wisely.

Need Help? Ask for it

You are a mompreneur and only a superwoman can be so, but in reality, you are not from Krypton. So, sometimes you may also need someone to lend you a hand. But most of the time what women do is, they take all responsibilities on their shoulders and when they need help they don’t ask for it. So, girls, there is nothing wrong in asking for support sometimes from your family members and neighbors.

The same rule applies in office as well. In case of a lack of ideas on something, you discuss with your team or can take help from social sites. We all at some points of time need other’s help and asking for it doesn’t make you less human.

Be Organised

Being organized is the basic rule for employees, employers, entrepreneurs, students, and homemakers. But being organized as a mompreneur is really challenging. You need to have an advanced menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You need to be aware of PTMs and all other functions related to your kid’s school. So, to save yourself from the hustle-bustle of the eleventh hour, it’s better to be properly organized. Set your schedule in advance and try to stick to it.

Build a Start-up Work Culture

The work culture of a start-up is its most fascinating part. I personally love the flat hierarchy and open communication at workplaces. Either you are working from home or having a separate office for you, implement the start-up work culture. This culture will allow your colleagues to speak from their mind and by the end of the day, you will be having a pool filled up with new ideas. This culture will offer you the most out of limited recourses.

The Bottom Line

Once you start your journey of Mompreneur then you may meet a few negative minds, a few people may blame you for running after money or career. Do not feel demotivated after listening to their views and just let it go. Be confident and committed to your passion!

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