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Enjoy Skating By Choosing The Right Pair of Shoes For Your Kid

Skating is a fun outdoor play for kids as well as adults. It helps to increase body balance and is an enjoyable game. Though as a beginner skating can take us through a lot of cuts and wounds. Practicing skate with the right equipment and especially a right pair of shoes will definitely lead to less hassle and easy learning.

Type of Skating Shoes For Kids

While considering skate shoes for kids, the technical characteristics of a particular pair of shoes will help to choose the best for your kid.

skate shoes

There are mainly two categories under which kid’s skate shoes are divided into:

Inline Skates- These shoes have 4 wheels.  These skates accelerates the speed and helps kids to get a smooth ride. They are less stable than Quads which makes it harder for kids to stand still.

Quads- These shoes on the other hand also consists of four wheels. These shoes are much stable when compared to inline skates even when standing. The drawback is quads don’t let a child pick up much speed. Its large wheels can incase get stuck on the way while skating.

Therefore, to provide a proper grip to the beginners, kids should start with Quads and later when they learn to skate, it should be gradually replaced by inline to give them smooth ride and speed.

Let’s Know The Technical Facts Behind Kid’s Skates

There are few technical factors that should be taken under consideration while buying skates for kids. This knowledge will help you choose the perfect pair of skate for your kid.

Bearing of The Wheel- The speed of the shoes depends on the bearing of wheels. The bearing is the rotational speed of the wheels. While buying kids skate shoes, you must look for the American ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineer Council) standard. The more higher ABEC standard is the better quality of the bearings. For the beginners, it is advisable to go for low-speed skates with low ABCE and with gradual practice they can opt for higher ABCE that will help to increase speed.


The Diameter of The Wheel- For the beginners’ wheels of less diameter should be considered whereas, larger diameter wheel can be chosen for pro riders.

The Hardness of The Shoes- The hardness of the skate shoes is described by the letter ‘A’ accompanied by a numbers from 74 to 100. 74 being the lowest bearing quality and ‘A’ being the softest and more comfortable shoes to wear, it tends to tear off easily. Gradually with the increase in number from 74 to 100 the bearing quality increases as well. It gives the shoes much less grip, the longer lifespan as well.

The Frame- The frame of the shoes helps to transfer the foot pressure on the ground. The skate frame is made up of composite material or aluminum.

Considering all the above mentioned factors will help you to choose the right pair of skate shoes for your kid. Judge all the technicalities according to the requirement and expertise of the user.

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