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Introducing .MOM Domain Names for Mummy Bloggers and Business Owners

Let’s face it, the .MOM domain name has been long overdue. Mums are the central to the thriving of home-based online businesses; and few entrepreneurs work as hard to make their businesses a success. So, it’s only fitting that the Internet recognizes this fact by giving them their own domain name.

Why a .MOM Domain?

A .MOM domain is a pretty big deal. But still, why not go with the better-established .COM domain instead? It has more traction on the web anyway. So, here are a few reasons why the .MOM domain might be a better deal.

Better Blogging Focus. Moms would like to stand out from the crowd, and as popular as the .COM domain is, it simply doesn’t do as much for mummy bloggers as the .MOM domain.

eCommerce Reasons. The .MOM domain is great at helping moms shop for the services and products they require. And since the domain is intended to be bought by mummy entrepreneurs, this market segment can get better quality services and products because they will be dealing with people who are better attuned to their needs.

Mums Message Boards. There are plenty of message boards that cater to mothers. And having a .MOM domain name really gives such message boards a punch.

Moms Forums. Advice for moms is often found in forums. If such forums get a .MOM domain, it becomes easier for moms to exchange information with each other.

Dot mom domain names for mommy bloggers

Why .MOM is so fitting for “mompreneuers”?

Today, lots of moms connect with other moms; and they can share their special skills with the world and make some money in the process. There are mommy websites that make six-figure salaries; and in North America, there are nearly 4 million mommy blogs.

Moms typically have to run their businesses from home; and that is because they have to juggle between running a business and raising kids.

All that takes some special skills, which is why the .MOM domain is so fitting.

Moms are an indispensable part of everyday life, and they have lots of knowledge to share with the world, and other moms as well. Although the Internet was initially not the medium of choice for many mothers, they are now fully on board.

With a .MOM domain, everyone who stands to benefit from their folk wisdom can find the information they need with greater ease through .MOM blogs. More importantly, mummy bloggers can have an easier time reaching their audience with this amazing domain.

The domain gives these mothers a voice; and allows them to make their mark on the web. With a .MOM domain extension, it is easy to know what to expect from a site right from the start. So, the .MOM domain name is a brilliant idea. After all, moms helped pioneer some popular online business trends in existence today.

What do you think?

The .MOM domain is one of the few exciting new domains and it has attracted a lot of attention for obvious reasons.

Do you think that moms who spend their time online blogging and trying to run home-based online businesses have a better chance of success with a .MOM name?

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  1. Khomotso Chosen

    Very interesting, so you can be a stay home mom and still run an online business. What I’ve realized is that running a business online and at home is more affordable because you don’t have to drive to work. So it saves money and time and it’s trending too.

  2. Oh how funky! I would love to have my own .mom website 🙂

    I have a full time job but I would really love to be able to work from home and make a living without having to answer to anyone else. Especially now that the weather is so cold, I can imagine working from home would be such an awesome luxury!

    I’ve been pondering how I can do something from home for a long time but I am too scared to go for it. I need to offer my kids stability since I am a single mom. I don’t have the option of taking a chance on something. I have a good, stable job and that must be good enough for now.

  3. I want to like this 10 times over!!

  4. Definately an awesome idea for a second income.
    Would love to be my own boss one day.

  5. We were excited too when we learned about the .MOM TLD. We immediately registered one and built a website too. After few days, we asked friends, family and relatives across the globe to visit the .MOM website and none of them could even get the website loaded. We had people from UK, US, TH, UAE, Dubai, India, etc and none of them could get the site to load or be visible to them.

    We checked the website load and pagespeed and everything was under 3secs. However it seems that the .MOM TLD does not resolve on all countries and or .MOM TLD is either blocked or unknown in other countries. I’ll be happy to share our .MOM website if you wish to help by checking the domain.

    Hence request you to inquire before you invest in the .MOM TLD.

    • Thanks for that feedback Nitesh, I have not heard of anyone struggling with a .mom tld so it is good to know that you have had some issues and recommend investigating further. I know someone with a .mom and she has not had any issues.

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