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Developing Authentic Resilience – Why The Time Is Now

Let’s face it, even before COVID disrupted the world in 2020, South Africans were in need of a good dose of resilience to see us through the everyday stresses and strains of a teetering economy, crumbling infrastructure, persistent poverty, high crime and corruption.  We, as South Africans tend to think of ourselves as a hardy bunch, rolling up our sleeves and getting on with things no matter the challenges we’re facing.  However admirable that spirit is, it’s not necessarily indicative of authentic resilience.

Developing Authentic Resilience – Why The Time Is Now

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) has estimated that one in six South Africans suffers from anxiety, depression or substance abuse issues, and this does not include more serious mental health issues such as bipolar disorder.  During COVID, SADAG’s online survey revealed that 65% of South Africans reported feeling stressed or very stressed.

There are ever-increasing concerns about youth mental health in South Africa.  SADAG reports that there are 23 known cases of suicide in South Africa every day.  Before the pandemic, SADAG would deal with around 600 hotline calls a day. By September 2021, this increased by 40% with 2200 hotline calls received daily.

Gabi Lowe and Pippa Shaper, co-founders of The Resilience Factory are seasoned myth-busters when it comes to resilience.  Lowe says, “Contrary to popular opinion, resilience is not about taking a hard knock and ‘bouncing back’; it’s not about just putting your head down and carrying on no matter what; and it’s not about ‘going it alone’.

Authentic Resilience, which everyone can develop, is about being able to thrive through hard times, rather than merely survive.  People with high levels of Authentic Resilience are able to process their feelings, not bypass or suppress them.  They also seek out help when they know they need it.  They have intentional practices and habits that dynamically support their well-being, and all of this can be learnt.”

The Resilience Factory’s training is based on their proprietary grounded-theory model, The Ten R’s of Authentic Resilience which has been shared with thousands of people around the world over the past five years.  In addition to their one-on-one sessions, Lowe and Shaper, both Professional Certified Coaches now offer an online, self-study course delivered through a 12-month membership programme.

Participants receive one module a month, an extensive downloadable workbook, online access to an exclusive membership support group and coaching resources.  This high engagement empowers members to progress in their own time while staying connected and motivated with direct monthly access to Lowe and Shaper.

Shaper says, “We have seen major shifts in people’s lives through learning the lessons of Authentic Resilience. The ‘aha’ moments are different for everyone – from realising that the beginning of Authentic Resilience is accepting the reality of what you are facing, to recognising that we can’t avoid the more challenging emotions, even if we’d like to. Some of the lessons of Authentic Resilience will feel easier, others will be harder to take on and assimilate. The chances are that it is in the areas that are tough for you where the most growth will happen.”

The Resilience Factory will also be returning to in-person workshops which are ideal for teams and groups. The first live Authentic Resilience workshop since 2020, will be held on Friday, 4th March 2022 in Cape Town, and Saturday 7th May 2022 in Johannesburg.

Shaper says, “Whilst our online, self-study course is the deepest version of our work, there is nothing like a live, face-to-face workshop to get started on your journey to Authentic Resilience. A chance to ask questions, work the model through with us, and also interact with others who are on this journey of growth.”

Sign up as an Authentic Resilience member and study online

For more information about the Authentic Resilience full day workshop, 4 March 2022, Bishopscourt, Cape Town click here

For more information about the Authentic Resilience full day workshop, 07 May 2022, Parkwood, Johannesburg  click here

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  1. Past two year have really taken a toll on all of us. If I were to be honest, I am really surviving. Some days I just wake up and want to go back to sleep again. But I am glad that when it gets too much I am able to pull myself out of that space. Before covid I never really knew or taken the matters of mental health serious. Now I look for better ways to ask for help and admit to myself when I feel that it is too much

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yeah I think covid has given us all a mental health wake up call. I have spent a lot of time working on mental health since I went to rehab in 2008 and I know all the things I need to be doing to keep my mental health in good shape, but covid really knocked me too even with all the techniques I’ve learned over the years. It is not easy to pull yourself out of a bad space.

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