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Curly Hair 101: Everything You Need To Know About and A Bit More

Curly hair is beautiful. There is something naturally exotic about those locks and frizzes rolling down a women’s face.

But curly hair can come with a lot of challenges. For example, curly hair can be quite hard to maintain.

A lot of women don’t know how to care for 4c hair. That’s because they lack elementary knowledge about curly hair.

Curly Hair

Curly Hair Types

It’s time for some 101 knowledge. Curly hair has several types.

Each type comes with maintenance issues. While these types fall under the curly category, you can’t style them in the same way.

So, once you learn about hair types, you can accordingly treat and style your hair.

Types of Curly Hair

The hair types get their names by a capital letter and a number.

The letters designate the type of hair (wavy, curly, coily).

The numbers designate the specific type of hair. All types range from number 1-4.

To find about where you fall in this categorization, ask your hairstylist. Or, if you want to get that information right now, hop over to Google and type “curly hair types” and do a bit of research

You can see and compare your hair to the women in the images. It is the most valuable information you need to care for and style curly hair.

Common Curly Hair Issues

Keeping the shape of the curls is the biggest issue for most women. It becomes more troublesome once you start chemically treating your hair.

Curly hair requires vitamins, keratin, and natural ingredients to have that fresh, natural look. Without proper hair care, the curls lose their shape impeding your hairstyle.

The problem is that getting a hair routine is easy. But, getting that routine with a clear goal and look in mind takes more effort.

For curly hair, it’s crucial to think in advance how you want to style your hair.

Styling Curly Hair

An excellent trait of curly hair is that it requires less styling than other hair types. Instead of going to extreme measures to style your hair, embrace the natural look.

Going natural may be one of the easiest things to do and achieve excellent results. For example, a woman with straight hair may have to try different styles and cut. Eventually, she may find the right hairstyle for her.

Instead of going through the whole process, go natural. Your hair has the proper shape already. Enhance the hair shape through organic treatment.

After all, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the natural look. Embrace it, love it, rock it. That’s the beauty of curly hair.

Curly Hair Maintenance

There are a lot of ways to go about curly hair maintenance. Yet, nothing beats the natural haircare routine.

Try to think about curly hair like this. It already has the proper shape. You got the looks. But, no matter how beautiful you are, it won’t matter if you have badly maintained hair.

Many women spend a lot of time thinking about how to style their hair. Take a different route, and focus on the care and maintenance.

Hair Porosity

Hair porosity is the greatest enemy of any hair type. Hair porosity refers to your hair’s ability to retain moisture. Less porosity means that you have thick and healthy hair.

With more porosity, your hair breaks easily, get dry and loses shape. Most women don’t know how to fix this issue and focus on the external things instead.

That’s why women spend a lot of money on products that don’t work. They want to fix the problem, but they are fixing it from a wrong standpoint.

Test your hair porosity. Even if you have moderate hair porosity, start working on an organic product routine.

Organic Products

Organic products are your best friend. In 90% of cases, women have high hair porosity. They try to fix the hair porosity by visiting a hairstylist.

But, you can’t get the right hairstyle with weak hair. The thing you want to do is to switch to organic products. Organic products are excellent for curly hair since they have a lot of nutrients.

Curly hair requires a lot of nutrients to keep the shape. When you use non-organic products, you are destroying your hair.

After a few months of organic product use, your hair gets more thickness and volume. But, to get that result, you need to get your routine right.

Get Your Routine Right

Once you know your hair type and porosity level, you can start with an organic hair routine. Use shampoo, moisturizer, and oil or butter.

So, you can get a shampoo and moisturizer for your hair type, along with jojoba oil. It is an elementary hair care routine that is affordable and simple to follow.

Of course, investing time in learning about organic products leads to better results. Remember to start with a few organic products.

Measure your hair porosity after a few months. After a few months, add new products to your routine. Experiment a lot to get an excellent look.

Curly Hair and Hair Extensions

Finally, think about hair extensions. Hair extensions are clip-in additions to your hair that enhance your look.

If you decide to use hair extensions, make sure to match your:

  • Hair shape
  • Color
  • Length

Hair extensions make sense only if they compliment your natural look. Make sure to get hair extensions with natural hair, and avoid synthetic hair.

Also, don’t style the hair extensions alone. Go to your hairstylist and see what they can pull off with the hair extensions.

Get Proper Haircare

There you have it. Now you know how to take care of your curly hair.

Leave the styling for later. Focus on getting your hair healthy to achieve the best look.

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