Comfy Kidz Online Kids Store South Africa

Comfy Kidz Online Kids Store South Africa

Recently mompreneur Alecia Lourens (@alecia) bought the awesome online kids store Comfy Kidz. I had to go and have a look because I love online stores. Yes I love shopping online but I also love to see what other mompreneurs are doing online and in case you forgot,  until last year I had my own online baby store.

In case you missed it, Alecia also has the company Certificates RSA that I wrote about at the beginning of April, you can click here to read my article about Certificates RSA.

To get the word out about Comfy Kidz and to celebrate Mother’s Day Comfy Kidz is sponsoring an awesome prize which I will get into at the end of this post, so keep on reading. You just don’t want to miss this competition!

Comfy Kidz has a gorgeous range of kids products that you really must go and have a look at. Obviously I can’t list all the products that they stock so I have picked three of my personal favorites to share here with you.

They are also currently running an awesome sale with up to 50% off selected products, so hurry on over to check that out!

My Three Favorite Comfy Kidz Products

Cool Night Lights For Kids

Comfy Kidz stocks over 90 designs of fun night lights for kids that I just adore. You are sure to find the perfect night light for your child that they are sure to love.

My three year old son is obsessed with dinosaurs and my five year old daughter loves fairies. I was so pleased to see that not only are there designs for both dinosaurs and fairies but there is more than one design to choose from too.

You can also personalize them a name or special date which makes them even more special.

While this is very much a fun decor product, it is also often a very much needed product since so many young children develop a fear of the dark. This will provide a sense of security and help overcome their fear of the dark.

Cool night lights for kids
Fun Night Lights from Comfy Kidz

Personalized Name Puzzle for Toddlers

I am such a huge fan of educational toys and puzzles have to be one of my favorite line of play things to buy for my kids. This name puzzle is awesome for toddlers in that it has the fun pictures plus it also has your child’s name. This will really help your toddler to start recognizing his or her name.

My kids love anything that is very clearly branded as their own. My son even gets a kick out of his school cooldrink bottle having a name sticker on it!

I can only imagine how much my children would love this. It will also make such a stunning gift for a friend or family member’s toddler too.

The name puzzle for toddlers comes in four different themes : wild animals, farm animals, fairies and cars.

Personalized Name Puzzle for Toddlers
Personalized Name Puzzle for Toddlers (Wild Animal Theme) from Comfy Kidz

Safety Harness For Toddlers

I will be honest here, there was a time I thought that a safety harness for toddlers was not right. That was until I lost my kid in the shopping mall, right from under my nose!

My opinion has changed a lot since then and I think a safety harness for toddlers is a brilliant idea. Now the ones stocked by Comfy Kidz are just perfect, they have a few different designs but each one has a toy on the back making it a really fun safety harness.

Yes you can get the plain safety harness but I just keep thinking of a dog on a lead and that is really unappealing and probably the reason for me not being keen on them in the first place. With the toy on it the whole feeling changes completely!

Safety Harness for Toddlers Lion
Safety Harness for Toddlers (Lion) from Comfy Kidz


I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Comfy Kidz as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. Now let’s get to even more fun!

WIN a R500 spa voucher

WIN a R500 Spa Pamper Session

Comfy Kidz is sponsoring a Mothers Day competition – one lucky South African mommy will win a R500 Spa Pamper session at a spa of her choice in South Africa!

This Competition Is Closed For Entries

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  1. My favourite product must be the Snuggle Plush Ellie.
    I just love the soothing comfort it provides and security for the little ones. Baby can snuggle while sleeping and cuddle with the winter season also upon us and can also use during feeding time. I think it’s the most comfy thing to have in the house.

    • Yes I saw that Snuggle Plush Ellie and it looked gorgeous too. I found it really hard to choose just three items to share here on the post but I had to keep it down to just a few otherwise this post would have been 10 000 words!

  2. Lauren Kinghorn

    Hi @alecia, ooh, those night lights look gorgeous! I hunted for night lights when my son was a baby and certainly didn’t find anything like these!
    My favourite product is the Play n Snack Travel Tray because my car always looks like a rubbish dump.
    I’m not of facebook so I’m following you on Instagram and shared your post on Pinterest.

    • Fair game @happyhumanpacifier but oh my word you must be the last person on earth not to be on Facebook!

      My car also always looks like a dump. Those car travel trays look awesome for sure.

      • Lauren Kinghorn

        Ha ha @lynne… I was on facebook but deleted my profile for personal reasons. Debating whether to go back on because Facebook Groups seem to be amazing for bloggers.
        At the same time am scared of adding to my workload and am also still on the fence about FB, favouring Pinterest and Instagram.
        I like the longevity of Pinterest. The half -life of a Pin is 3.5 months. The half-life of a tweet is only 24 minutes and the half-life of a Facebook post is only 90 minutes.
        Instagram posts get 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.

      • I have to agree with you that Pinterest and Instagram are awesome social networks, but for me Facebook is incredible. I am not so much into the groups but my Facebook page rocks and I have found it such a huge asset to my business.

        That said I do totally understand the personal reasons for not wanting to be there, there is a lot of BS on Facebook but I keep it 99% for business only. If you treat it like a work thing it is easier 🙂

      • Lauren Kinghorn

        For me, the jury is still out on facebook. A friend of mine mentioned that one of my articles was posted on Sunday morning on the LLL facebook page (33k members). I was really excited and anticipated a nice upsurge in visitors to that article. Sadly, no. According to Google Analytics, only 19 views to that article. 14 from facebook. Do you think it’s because I don’t have a facebook page and didn’t engage?

      • Lauren Kinghorn

        For me, the jury is still out on Facebook. A friend of mine mentioned that one of my articles was posted on Sunday morning on the LLL Facebook page (33k members). I was really excited and anticipated a nice upsurge in visitors to that article. Sadly, no. According to Google Analytics, only 19 views of that article. 14 from Facebook. Do you think it’s because I don’t have a Facebook page and didn’t engage?

  3. Cool Night Lights For Kids

    My favorite is the night lights its just affordable and help my daughter to sleep better at night

  4. @lynne my choice is hard so many things but the new themed name puzzles and the night lights so cute my reason for night light is my son is nearly moving to his own room.

  5. I love the star night light as it will assist my little peanut which is a month old to fall asleep mommy too lol, accompanied by the jumbo snuggly buddy plush ellie to comfort him while entering lala land.

    • Alecia Vermaak

      Melissa, these night lights are really a must have. There are over 80 designs and we can personalise or custom make for you as well.

  6. I love the toy car steering and I am definitely going to buy one for my little prince, he loves playing with mommies car steering wheel when wait in front of school for them to open in the morning 🙂 The safety harness is also definitely on my to buy list as soon as baby starts to walk.

  7. OMW!!!! Mew favourite online shop for sure! Im LOVING your Ladybug Toothbrush Holder, so simple yet SO awesome!!!!

    • Alecia Vermaak

      Very true. There are a few things I can keep organised, with having two busy girls, so this really helps me 🙂

  8. I cant seem to tag Comfy Kidz on Facebook 🙁

  9. Hi
    I must say my child is very scared of the dark keep the lights on so she can sleep easy. So my choice would be the cool night lights for kidz, and it will be her fav too because it is also in fairy themes. It will help me save alot of money and she can fall asleep faster. Thanks comfy kidz for this great give away mothers day gift.

    • Alecia Vermaak

      These night lights do help so much. We use our one at night and it really makes such a difference and of course we can customise it, so if you have a pic (paw patrol, barbie etc) we can do that for you 🙂

  10. Wow that good thank you

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