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5 Important Mommy Scenarios Where You Will Need A Portable Charger

How many times have you been out and about only to have your mobile phone battery die on you? Or perhaps you have been to a special event and while taking photos your phone battery starts ebbing away?

This has happened to me more times than I can count. One occasion that stands out for me above all others was when I gave birth to my daughter. I had my hospital bags packed and I was so sure I had thought of everything. I had my mobile phone plus I even had the charger, what could go wrong right?

5 Important Mommy Scenarios Where Your Will Need A Portable Charger

Well everything apparently, you see my cell phone charger has a two prong plug and I didn’t bring an adaptor. And of course as it would happen, neither did anyone else in the entire maternity ward bring one and the nurses couldn’t provide a spare one.

So there’s me giving birth after a seriously long labour (yes 42 hours) and my mobile battery is on its last legs when I want to take a picture of my newborn baby right after birth.

Yes phones can do so much more than make phone calls now, but this means that they are using serious battery juice. I barely use my mobile phone since I am at home all day but I still have to charge it every single day or it won’t make it through 24 hours.

Recently I became aware of battery packs for mobiles and what an awesome product to use for those times when you are stuck without access to power and a dying mobile battery!

It is simply a little device that you charge and you can just pop it in your handbag and you can use it to charge your mobile device.

Here are 5 scenarios highlighting exactly why you will want to invest in some cell phone battery packs:

  1. Camping Trips

Depending on where you go camping you may find yourself without power for a while and taking a battery pack for your mobile will seriously come in handy, especially if you are wanting to take lots of pictures and stay in contact with the outside world.

Battery life while camping

  1. Traveling

When you are traveling you are sure to need a fully charged phone. Yes if you are traveling in your own vehicle you can easily keep your mobile battery charged with a car charger but if you are traveling by bus, plane, train or perhaps in someone else’s vehicle you will need a way to keep your phone battery charged.

  1. Hospital Stays

Yes you can always plan ahead and learn from my mistake by taking your charger and a double adaptor but if you want to be on the same side and leave nothing to chance I recommend that you take a battery pack with you too.

If you are giving birth you really want to make sure that you are able to take enough photos and videos, so add that to your list of things to pack in your hospital bag for birth.

If you have a sick child or perhaps you are ill and staying in hospital it is always good to be able to stay in contact with your loved ones.

  1. Day to Day

It is amazing how even just the smallest things can suck your battery life out of your mobile. The simplest things, like a busy whatsapp group that you are part off, can be sucking away your battery without you realizing it while you are out doing errands. This has happened to me countless times and taken me by surprise.

If you are working and on the road for the day you will know exactly how fast your cell phone battery gets sucked out doing things like using GPS and checking emails all day.

While mobile phones are very much a luxury most of the time, they are also essential to have in emergencies. If your car breaks down and you are stuck on the side of the road you will need your mobile to call for roadside assistance and also very likely make a few other calls like getting your husband to fetch the kids from school.

Having a battery pack on you will ensure that you never have a dead battery in these types of scenarios.

  1. Special Events

Taking photos videos special events

If you are at a special event like your kids sports day you are going to be out on that school field all day and wanting to take photos and videos of your kids taking part.

The fact is that your mobile battery will not last a full day with taking photos and videos will it? Having a portable charger means you will be able to keep capturing all those special moments without a worry.

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  1. It’s happen to me most of the time thanks I think portable charger it’s what I need

  2. I havent heard of a battery packs this is the first but great idea to have one how i work currently is having a spare battery charged to use of one is flat but i dont always charge the one that out of the phone with the battery charger.

  3. Powerbanks are amazing to have and very hand just the cost of the decent ones are a bit too much for my pocket but well worth it in the long run

  4. Powerbanks are very useful i lose mine though while travelling,i have to get another one because am still struggle with my fone is dead and u have to answer the important calls.

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