Behind The Scenes 15 October 2021 – Being Sick As A Mom

After having a week of downtime due to feeling exhausted and rundown I thought the last week would have been highly productive but that never happened. I got sick with flu and spent most of my week struggling to get the bare minimum done while being mom to my two kids. While I didn’t achieve what I planned to do I got a surprising amount of things done under the circumstances.

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Live Giveaways In This Morning’s Live Video

What a fun and engaging live video this morning with Judy from Fun Mamma SA – even though we were both still feeling very peaky we managed our live video and had so much fun.

Here are the live giveaways we did this morning – and you can check winners on my competitions page:

Congrats to all  the winners and thanks to everyone that took part!

What’s Been Happening This Week

Ending Off The School Holidays With A Bang

My kids got home on Sunday after spending a week with my parents. It was fantastic having a break from being a mom but the truth is that I missed them dearly and I was so glad when they got home, yes even with all their squabbling. On Monday I joined some friends for a braai at Kraalbaai in the West Coast National Park, I have been there before but only for a short while and not for a braai. It is so beautiful there and such a safe space for a family to have fun.

I am so happy that I finally got around to buying an All Parks Family Wild Card a few months back, this means we can come and go as we please in the West Coast National Park as well as all other Sanparks and Cape Nature parks. At R1650 for the year it was a bit to cough up initially but we have already made back that amount plus some with the amount of times we have been already. This has made it a fantastic investment for family bonding and outdoor activities.

Being Sick As A Mom

There is nothing quite like getting sick when you are a mom and this week was a strain to say the least. I think the day out on Monday took it out of me, it was so much fun but being outdoors in the wind may have had a hand to play in it.

On Tuesday I was feeling ill and it got worse by the minute. By Thursday afternoon I gave up and climbed into bed with my son and we had an afternoon sleep. This did me the world of good and when we got up I finally started to feel better.

I’m so relieved that by this morning I was not feeling too bad for the live video.

I think my kids really enjoyed me being ill because I do what I have to do to survive the day, which means more screen time for them and as long as they are quiet and let me rest I pretty much say yes to anything they want to do rather than have to endure any whining and moaning.

Something that really kept me going this last week is the Lifegain nutritional hamper I was gifted. I had no appetite but I did manage to get in some Lifegain shakes which really helped me keep up my energy levels and get some good nutrition into me. You can’t fight an illness without eating properly! I will be writing a review on Lifegain soon.

Smoby Flextreme Review And Giveaway

It took me a while to get to it but the review is up on my website and there is an awesome giveaway to win a Smoby Flextreme Discovery set plus refill tracks valued at R1500. Click here to read my review and enter the giveaway.

If you are looking for an awesome gift for your child for Christmas I can promise you that your kids will love Smoby Flextreme.

The Papery Subscription Box

Yesterday I received a subscription box from The Papery and I was itching to get into it but we agreed to only unbox it during the live video. The Jam Packed Box is a new product brought out by The Papery and if you love stationery as much as I do you really must consider subscribing. It is so beautifully packaged with a gorgeous selection of stationery products.

I will be writing a full review on it soon, but until then you can check out my story highlights for The Papery on Instagram.

Here’s what I received in my box:

  • dotgrid journal
  • purple highlighter
  • pitt artist pen set of 4
  • 2 x washi tapes
  • pack of stickers
  • pack of gift tags (perfect for Christmas coming up)
  • wrapping paper
  • scribblz notepad
  • gold pen and pencil set
  • pack of jelly beans

Click here to check out the Jam Packed Box subscription and subscribe.

Using Up The Yoghurt – Awesome Recipe

Ever open the fridge and realize you have unopened food that is about to expire? Well that turned out to be a great thing when my yoghurt was about to go off and I didn’t want to waste it. I went in search of a recipe, tweaked it a bit and made the most delicious marinated yoghurt chicken. I love it when something works out so well. Turns out yoghurt is a natural tenderizer and fantastic for cooking with.

Check it out here.

What’s Happening This Weekend

This weekend we don’t have any plans, I’m still recovering from flu and turns out my husband has caught it from me and came home early from work to rest. It’s just as well as we have a weekend away next week and the following week is my daughter’s 10th birthday so we need to rest up and conserve our energy for a busy few weeks!

I wish you all a fantastic weekend and hope you are all safe and healthy.

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