Behind The Scenes 19 August 2022 – Finally Got My Bicycle Set Up

It has been another busy week behind the scenes 19 August 2022. The kids are busy at school, my son with assessments and my daughter with exams. My son is also starting up with chess tournaments soon.

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Watch The Replay Of My Facebook Live Video – Behind The Scenes 19 August 2022

You can watch the replay of my live video on Facebook (below) or in the Youtube video above the post.

Mental Health Update

Things are getting easier with regards to my mental health. I’m still going to as many Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as I can and doing therapy every week. I’ve been focusing on feeding my soul and doing things that I love.

My kids and I took a trip into Cape Town to visit my sister and it was one of the best trips we have had there. Usually when we go to Cape Town we visit friends and do as many activities as we can. This time I didn’t tell anyone we were going to Cape Town and we spent a quiet weekend at my sister’s house. We left the house twice, once for a milk shake at Camel Rock restaurant and the other time for a quick walk on the beach.

Bicycle Bought Through SnapnSave Cash Back

I finally got my bicycle set up and went for my first cycle with my kids! It is going to take me a while to get used to riding a bike again, the last time I owned a bike I was my kids age. My children were so excited and happy to have my cycling with them, we only went a few times around the block but I’m glad I can tick that off my list since it took me a long time to get the bike set up from the time it was delivered a few weeks ago.

One of the things I had to get done is get sludge and liners put in the wheels since there are so many devil thorns here. You can’t even make it out our gate without getting a puncture.

I bought this bicycle through cash back I made through SnapnSave and through cash received from selling our indoor bike that we hardly ever used, so I never paid a cent out of pocket for it.

Yummy Chocolate Truffles

A few weeks ago I made the most divine chocolate truffles using Nova Choc-Oh-Late baking buttons. They were a massive hit because they not only tasted fantastic they looked amazing too! They are super easy to make – grab the recipe off my Instagram post below.

Earning Amazon Gift Cards And Recorating Home

Our move to Laaiplek is coming up in about a month and I’ve been on such a mission to redecorate our home when we move. I’ve been working hard on making an income through online surveys and cashing out via Amazon gift cards to buy new things. I’ve also been using shopping apps ibottit and PanelSmart to earn Takealot vouchers to buy new things.

It has been such a fulfilling and fun challenge.

So far I’ve bought a new duvet cover set, blanket for my bed, and bedside lamps from Amazon. I’ve also bought new pillows, a continental pillow, and pillow protectors from Takealot. My next purchase I am working on is a bedside table set from Amazon, I’m so close to having enough to place my order.

Website Giveaways

I’ve currently got two competitions running on my website, check them out here:

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  1. Tshegofatso Washington

    Awww Lynne. I’m so glad you didn’t let that little slip derail you. You’re doing so great! You’re honestly an inspiration. Your kids and family must be super proud of you!

    Haha you looked so chuffed with your bicycle and made me yearn for one too! I loved riding as a little girl and have even asked my partner for a bike. You never forget cycling!!!

    Your baked goods always look so yummy! 🤤🤤🤤
    No wonder they don’t last LOL

  2. Your bike is too lovely, hope youre enjoying every minute of it so glad your mental health is better. you make the yummiest treats Lynne

    • Awesome and the spirit you show us in the pic inspires me not to give up .alway wanted one and enjoy cycle with my fam lov this

  3. Wow that’s beautiful you are now going to be fully occupied on weekends again,and it’s going to be fun packed now that we have left the cold winter behind us.
    The chocolate truffles sounds so delicious and mouthwatering
    I wish I could ride the bicycle like you because wow I can’t even ride it

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