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5 Indications To Let You Know Your Baby Is Getting Enough Milk

Nursing can be somewhat of a guessing game at first trying to figure out if your baby is getting enough milk. It is many mom’s worry that their baby may perhaps not be drinking enough milk and when you are breastfeeding it is not always easy to know exactly how much milk your baby is taking in, which is not the case with formula feeding.

5 Indications To let You Know Your Baby Getting Enough Milk

Six To Eight Wet and Dirty Nappies A day

New-born stools are usually frequent, yellow and have a loose or water appearance. This is a good indication that baby is getting enough milk. Once baby passes the six-week mark, the nappy changes will decrease in total.

Filling and Draining of your Breasts

When you feel your breasts filling up between feeds and draining after a feed, it is a good sign that baby is feeding well. Once your body adjusts to nursing, you won’t necessary feel the full feeling in your boobs but there is no need for alarm.


Babies should be weighed once a week for the first six weeks and if your baby is gaining weight every week it means that he is getting enough milk.

Settling Well

When baby settles well after a feed for a reasonable time and wake for his next feed it is a sign that he’s feeding well. A baby that is drowsy and doesn’t wake for his feeds, may have a problem of not getting enough milk. It means that he sucks the volume, but the amount he is taking in is not matching the energy he uses to suck. In such case, he will not be gaining weight.

Following Your Baby’s Cues

When a baby is not showing signs of hunger, slowing down and start sucking on his fingers, it means he is full. He may also come away from your breast or fall asleep. Body language such as open hands and his body feeling comfortable is another sign that he’s not hungry anymore. A hungry baby usually arches his back and tighten his fists. He may also be irritable and not settling well which mean he is still hungry. The best way of ensuring your baby is getting enough baby milk is to feed him on demand and try not to stick to a routine or schedule as there is no limit to how many feeds a baby will get each day.

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  1. such great Info

  2. Great advice to follow ??

    • Kelebogile Sekgalo

      This is great info as it was frustrating to know if my currently 2 month old baby always wants to be on a breast most of the time so I think she is not getting enough

      • Lynne Huysamen

        It is probably just a growth spurt or perhaps your baby just wants that closeness with mommy! If your baby is not complaining while on the breast I’m sure you have enough milk 🙂

      • Reabetswe Mosikare

        This is good to know. Thank you.

  3. Thuliswa Phaliso

    This is great to know. As a first time mom to a 13 day old, it has been one of my worriesif my lil Peanut is receiving enough milk

  4. This was always my main concern with my babies but luckily they all grown up now

  5. such a great read. those first days are so confusing, but now at 3 months i hardly remember the strugle.

  6. Thank you for sharing. I wish I knew a bit more about breast feeding when I was pregnant it would have been a lot less stressful.

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