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An Unbreakable Woman Takes The Stage – Launch Of A New Book

The Japanese saying goes: “Fall down seven times, get up eight,” and is personified by businesswoman Natasha Morgan. Natasha has faced numerous challenges in her life that have knocked her down but continues to get up and persevere in spite of these challenges. An Unbreakable Woman is her breakthrough book that details the challenges she has faced and how she has overcome them, offering hope and inspiration to all.

Born into poverty, Natasha was the second eldest child of a teenage mother and faced physical and sexual abuse from a young age. Her journey of struggle did not end there, and life never seemed to be in her favour.  At 17 she was a single mother begging for milk for her child, and later became a single mother of three after her divorce.

Natasha not only has to fight to overcome the abuse she suffered and being born into poverty, but she has also had to fight her health.  Natasha was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome later in life, diseases that are incurable and lifelong. At one stage she was at death’s door due to a virus that sent her into organ failure and septic shock and her recovery was called a miracle by doctors.

All the struggles Natasha faced led her into a deep depression, and at one stage she contemplated suicide as a way to escape everything life had thrown at her. But her perseverance and her faith in God gave her the strength to get up yet again and focus on finding and fulfilling her purpose.

Natasha Morgan Authorbathing twins, For many years Natasha lived with the shame and guilt of her abuse, feeling worthless and like she was damaged goods and over time she came to the realisation that the abuse and hardships she had endured was not her fault and was not an indication of her worth. This understanding has led to the motto of her book: “Your condition is not your conclusion.” Natasha uses this as a way to remind herself of how far she has come, and that all the hardships she has faced will shape her but never defeat her.

Further, Natasha turned to religion as a way to deal with everything life had thrown at her. Having grown up in a religious household she attended Sunday school from age four, and over her lifetime her relationship with God has developed even further. “I learned that prayer is a conversation between myself and God, and that I can speak to Him about anything that is on my heart,” Natasha says.

Today, thanks to her amazing willpower and strength Natasha is considered a fearless and passionate woman in the business world. She is a successful entrepreneur who started an extraordinarily successful air conditioning company, making her mark in a male dominated industry. She is also married to her best friend and has four children and three grandchildren. She is also the owner of

Unbreakable WomanIn her book An Unbreakable Woman, Natasha details her journey from living in poverty in a two bedroomed house with nine people to the successful businesswoman she is today. Natasha describes her journey as one of hope and reflection, leaving you believing that there are better days ahead despite the challenges thrown your way. She wants people reading her book to know that they must never accept defeat and never accept less than what they deserve.  She also wants people to seek their purpose in life and how they can fulfil it as she has done.

In a country where one in five girls experience sexual abuse, one in three children experience physical abuse, and one in six witness abuse, Natasha could have become one of the unfortunate statistics in South Africa and ending up involved in crime, addicted to drugs, or even committing suicide due to all she has experienced. Instead, her strength, perseverance, tenacity, and belief in God helped her get up after every hurdle thrown at her and ended up with her becoming a pillar of strength and a beacon of hope to many.

Her book has received rave reviews from readers from all walks of life, being described as an “inspirational masterpiece” by one reader. Another reader would recommend the book to all men so that they can understand the pain and consequences women suffer as a result of their actions.

Natasha is continuing to add to her amazing story and is passionate about empowering others. She is currently pursuing her certification as a Life Coach, and despite living with physical challenges due to a medical condition remains steadfast and fully dependent on God to get her through every day. She continues to pursue a life of impact and purpose and has recently transitioned into a new career as an Inspirational Speaker as she is committed to living out her personal mantra – “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe – it can achieve”!

For more information on Natasha and her book visit her websiteor her Facebook page.

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