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8 Awesome Wooden Toys for 3 Year Olds

Christmas is around the corner so parents all over the world are busy brainstorming what gifts for buy for their little ones. Now I am not sure about you but I am not fond of plastic toys for many reasons – the fact that they usually break quite quickly leaving my child upset and my house a graveyard of plastic parts is enough of a reason for me to avoid plastic toys.

Wooden toys are a much better option – better for our kids, better for the environment and much more hardy than any plastic toy.

At 3 years old your child will be starting to learn through play, it is how they are starting to understand the world around them and how they are expressing their curiosity. Buying a wooden learning toy for toddlers will be an excellent choice for a gift for your 3 year old.

Here are some wooden toys for 3 year olds that will encourage learning through play:

8 Awesome Wooden Toys For 3 Year Olds

Itty Bitty City – Magnetic Wooden Blocks Set 6 Pieces Cat/ Dog

This 6 piece wooden blocks set of a cat or dog is a lovely learning toy for toddlers that is so super simple yet it will be able to entertain your toddler. It is a Montessori toy made of natural wood that your child can touch and manipulate while experimenting. The paint is lead free and non-toxic.

This is a great choice for autistic children or children that have auditory processing disorder.

Watch your child work on his dexterity, problem solving skills and physical, cognitive and emotional strength, as well as develop his imagination.

Itty Bitty City – 30 Piece Magnetic Wooden Blocks Set

This Montessori 30 piece magnetic wooden blocks set will keep your child will provide your child with hours of building fun. With many more magnetic wooden blocks your child will be able to build endless different structures, even animals – check out the video above for how to build a giraffe! There is nothing better than free play for your child to develop his imagination.

This is also an excellent educational toy for your child with autism or auditory processing disorder.

Pounding Bench Wooden Toy

These classic pounding benches are always a popular toy with toddlers. Complete with a hammer and peekaboo twist this wooden pounding hammer is a must have for your child. 

Suitable from 2 years and upwards toddlers find endless fascination watching the cause and effect of hitting one eg down and trying to predict which one will pop up. It also helps to develop fine motor and hand eye coordination skills.

Wooden Shape Sorting Cube

Another classic toy that every toddler should have is a shape sorting cube. This wooden sorting cube is solid and strong, with 12 brightly colored wooden shapes. Once all the shapes are inside simply slide out one wooden panel to remove the shapes.

This toy will help your child to develop problem solving skills, shape recognition and sorting skills while building dexterity, fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Wooden Puzzle Toddler Toy Shapes

This shape sorting toy has a wooden base with 10 posts and 16 stacking pieces in various shapes and colors that fit onto the posts. This is a lovely toy that will benefit your child’s physical and intellectual development. Perfectly sized for little hands it will provide lots of entertainment while developing fine motor skills.

Your child will love learning about colors, shapes and matching.

2 Pack Wooden Pull Toys Beating Drums

This set of pull along wooden toys is so adorable. They are made from natural wood and non-toxic materials making them safe to play with.

The set is made up of one hippo drumming and one frog. Beautifully designed and colorfully painted – your child will fall in love with this set immediately.

When pulled the hippo and frog beat the drums. Your child will benefit from this toy through developing balance, walking skills and fine motor skills.

12 Piece Wooden Tool Kit in Tool Box

Kids love nothing more than role playing and imaginative play. This gorgeous wooden tool kit with a wooden tool box complete with hinges and handles will keep your little builder happily busy.

The tools include a large hammer, small hammer, pliers, spanner, screwdriver, pipe wrench, chisel, saw, drill, ruler and nippers.

Creative play doesn’t get much better than this for your young one.

Wooden Kitchen Accessories Set

This beautiful wooden kitchen cookware play set includes plates, utensils, pot, pan, salt and pepper. Little girls and boys will delight in pretend play with these items.

This set is durable, made from solid wood and finished with child safe paint making it a wonderful choice for a Christmas or birthday gift for children 3 to 5 years old.

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  4. My son will be turning 3 May next year so these are great Christmas gift ideas for him I also love and encourage wooden toys for him

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