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7 Proven Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Bone Health

As we age, our bodies become weaker. The health of our bones rapidly becomes more important to us, the older we grow. Suddenly we are worried about fractures, arthritis, Osteoporosis all the things we did not care about when we were young and boisterous.

In the US alone in 2016, more than 6.8 million people were documented to have been suffering from various types of bone health problems. The concerns ranged from injuries like fractures to degenerative diseases like osteoporosis or deadly ones like cancer.

Bones are vital to us, They support the body structure (allowing us to move and be flexible), protect vital organs (like how the ribs protect the lungs, which help in the production of red blood cell, white blood cells, and platelets; which are essential for the transportation of oxygen, fighting infection and clotting of blood).

Young children are prone to bone injuries because their bones have not hardened yet. On the other hand, the elderly are most prone to bone disease because they have reached that age whereby getting ailments like arthritis is a typical incident. Here are some of the ways CBD has made its mark on orthopedic healthcare.

7 Proven Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Bone Health

  1. Encourages Bone Growth

In research done over recent years, it was found that cannabinoids or CBD could prevent degenerative bone diseases like arthritis. It can also help with injuries by calming the related pain. After suffering a fracture, the use of CBD can make bones stronger and reduce symptoms of osteoporosis. CBD encourages the metabolism of bones and replacement of old bone tissue in the endocannabinoid system.

  1. Pain Management

With arthritis, comes a lot of pain caused by stiffness and swelling of joints. It also makes walking and moving quite challenging. Dependence on conventional medicine has many adverse side effects like intolerance to the said medication. However, CBD based products can be used for lengthy periods. They offer a safe alternative for pain mitigation that conventional medicine cannot, without the petrifying side effects. As luck would have it, you can find out more benefits of CBD oil at CBD Trust, who have comprehensive research backed analysis.

  1. Reduces Inflammation

Cytokine are ‘cell massagers’ that are responsible for relaying the pain we perceive in the nervous system. CBD reduces inflammation by binding CB2 receptors (stimulates the production of Cytokine), which results in the reduction of Cytokine, thus leading to less inflammation.

  1. Helps with the Appetite

As with all ailments, a lack of appetite or dislike to certain types of food usually occurs. Pain and the psychological state it puts one in can throw a person off everything in life. There is proof that CBD raises the metabolic rate, speeds up the digestive tract, and even stimulates the taste buds. CBD not only creates a huge appetite but also enhances mealtime by making food taste better.

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  1. Alternative to Opioids and USAID

There is a great risk that comes with an over-reliance on opioid and Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (USAID’s). CBD has been adopted as an alternative therapy either in conjunction with other drugs or on its own. The best thing with CBD is that it is not addictive and requires a low tolerance to use. As a result, a patient can use it over a long period without being addicted. Moreover, there are fewer side effects when compared to Opioid or USAID’s.

  1. Quicker Healing of Bones

A regular intake of CBD simulates endocannabinoid receptors in the bone cells, thereby improving the rate of bone repair. It also strengthens and improves the quality of bones in a short time. Sometimes as soon as eight weeks.

  1. NO Serious Side effects

In contrast to the available alternative medication for various bone ailments, CBD is quite safe and has few to zero side effects. Some medications for osteoporosis and arthritis are known to bring about blood clots and ulcers when used for long. Unlike conventional medicines, CBD boasts of mostly positive health side effects.


CBD may not be the cure for all (most avid of supporters tout it to be). Nonetheless, it has some amazing powers that can transform the lives of those with even the weakest of bones. If more research ensues on Cannabis, who knows what healing and provision are available from this great plant and its byproducts.

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