7 Best Places To Kayak With The Family

Kayaking is one of the best recreation and fun activities to take upon. If kayaking is done in some good places, you will get to see the sea lions, dolphins, various fishes and many other beautiful creatures like turtles etc. Do you have no experience till now? If no then not a problem, you can go for it anytime and enjoy the scenic experiences with amazing kayaking. Learning kayaking is not a big thing and you can become efficient in it quickly. Based on the location, you can either paddle on your own or maybe you can for a guided trip.

Here is the list of 7 Best Places to Kayak with the Family where you can ideally paddle with kids and family members.

  1. Door Country, Wisconsin

This is the best place for kayaking wherein you can paddle along the limestone bluffs, Green Bay islands and also in the Michigan Lake. The Nicolet beach is also a great spot for family fun. You can easily rent a lightweight tandem kayak and do kayaking to the Horseshoe Island.

  1. Glenwood, Arkansas

This is another ideal spot for kayaking wherein you can enjoy canoeing under hardwoods canopy and in the Caddo River. You can easily get kayaks on rent near Caddo River and then enjoy the beautiful turtles popping all around you. Gravel bars are where you can stop and take rest.

  1. Channel Islands, CA

This place is ideal for the kids to kayak. There is an artificial cave which is decked out with starfish, pirate skulls and the mural. You can kayak out through the cave and then experience the pelicans, seagulls, boats and sea lions in the harbor. You will get to see the rock garden and blow hole while paddling which is real fun. Also, the state fish of California, the Garibaldi can be seen.

  1. Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada, California

Yet another beautiful place is Mono Lake in California where you can enjoy kayaking. If you want to experience some unique adventures in your life, you can go for a guided tour on the Mono Lake and learn about the ecosystem of the place. You will get to kayak through the tufa towers which are home to many trillions of brine shrimp and that are very cute and tiny. Many migratory birds also visit this lake annually and you can see them as well.

  1. Kauai, Hawaii

There are only three rivers with Hawaii: Wailua, Huleia and Hanalei. Kayaking can be done with the guided tours along the Hanalei River wherein you can experience Lagoon in the North part of the shore. You can see reel fish here.

  1. New York City Downtown Boathouse, New York

This place is managed by some volunteers who offer the kayaking programs for no cost. Donations are accepted as per your will. On the Hudson River, they organize the kayaking programs. You will get instructions for kayaking along with life jackets all other things required.

  1. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Here, a two-hour session in provided through guided tour for kayaking. You will start paddling from the Coolidge Park and will go along Audubon Island where you can see shorebirds and river otter. You can enjoy downtown bridges of the city along with historic Ross’ Landing and the Bluff View Arts District on your way back.

These are some of the amazing yet adventurous places to go with your family for kayaking where you can have a lot of fun and enjoyment.

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