Planning To Start A Mom Blog? Read This First

Planning To Start A Mom Blog? Read This First

Blogging is considered to be one amongst the most flexible jobs. Especially, for those mothers who are not really fond of a 9 to 5 job cycle. Being a blogger gives you a perk of working independently from your home or any other independent location. You can share your personal experience of being a mom with your readers. Also, you can discuss about issues that you wish you knew earlier being a mother. Starting a blog is easy, but making it successful is the real challenge. You surely won’t like your blog to get lost in the crowd. So, planning is the key that you require for starting a blog. In this article, you will know about starting a mom blog from scratch.

1. Select a niche

The first and the foremost thing is to know about the niche that you are planning to write about. Let us take the example of blogs that we love to read. Ever wondered why those blogs are our favourite? The reason is they talk about something specific. For instance, you won’t like it if your favourite travel blogger suddenly starts to talk about politics or web designing. The same way you need to be specific and relevant with what you present to your readers. Although you can cover more than one topic like kids health, parenting, if you want your readers to connect genuinely with you then telling them about one specific topic is a nice idea.

For starting a blog you must get clear about a few things. You can surely take out a bit of your time for making a list of things like your hobbies, passion, knowledge. This will help you decide what are you good at and which niche is best suited for you.

2. Decide what kind of a blog you want

Since you are just starting out, you can create a blog on free CMS like WordPress, Blogspot or Tumblr. The best part, blog creation on these platforms is very easy. You can get hundreds of tutorials on internet about the same.

When you create a blog on WordPress, you can leverage the power of various plugins too. Customization on WordPress is very easy and quick. You don’t require any coding knowledge to do that.

Once your blog starts growing, you can host your blog on a custom domain that can provide even better features.

3. Give a name to your blog:

Decide a name that can clearly convey to people what it is about. Keep in mind to select a unique name that stands out. For a mommy blog, use names that clearly establish the purpose of your blog to your readers.

4. Give it a professional touch:

If you are not really sure about the look of your blog, start with professional looking. There are so many blogs floating around the internet, make your content stand apart. The look of your blog should be worth anyone’s while. Starting a mom blog with no long-term plan? No worries! A professional theme can also be used for mom blogs. When you create a blog on WordPress or Blogspot, you get hundreds of free themes you can use.

5. Write blogs regularly:

Content is king, they say. But that’s not true. The truth is, a content better than your competitor is king, says Prince Kapoor, the digital marketing expert. Everything that you write must be well-researched. Also, it isn’t necessary to write a blog every day but consistency is important. So whether you are writing daily, weekly or monthly, create a plan and stick to it.

6. Start building a following:

Make use of social media to build some blog following. This should not be done all of the social media platforms at once. Instead, begin with two or three and then gradually build it.

7. Network:

Connecting with other bloggers is an awesome idea to make your blog grow. This will surely help you to gather some ideas that you can imply on your blog. Participating in a bloggers meet with other bloggers can be very useful. Such gatherings also lead to some joint projects.

Starting a well researched and planned blog can give you some amazing results. So, all the moms should put their thinking hats on and start with it. I hope this article helped you to learn a few new things that you can take care of while starting a blog. Feel free to contact us through the comments for any doubt related to the topic. Thanks and happy blogging 😉


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