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7 Baby Safety Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Buying baby shower gifts is always fun and exciting, especially when I am buying for a first time mom since I can make a real difference knowing what new moms really need having been there myself. When I buy baby shower gifts for someone special I always try to buy something that will be really useful.

Something that new moms will always need for their baby are baby safety items. It’s hard to know what you need before you are a mom so here are some baby safety baby shower gift ideas.

7 Baby Safety Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor will make mommy’s life so much easier and allow her to have peace of mind. I remember when my children were babies I would always need to hover over them and I felt like I couldn’t get anything done or be too far from my babies in case they woke up. Having a baby monitor will mean you will be more free to move around your home and garden knowing you will be alerted as soon as your baby is awake or crying.

Magnetic Safety Locks For Baby and Toddlers

Magnetic safety locks are an absolute must when you have a baby or toddler around. There will be plenty of things that you want to keep out of reach of your baby that may be dangerous for your baby to handle such as toxic cleaning products, plus there will be plenty of cupboards and drawers you will want to keep your baby out of to prevent your baby unpacking it and making a huge mess.

This set 12 magnetic safety locks with 2 keys by Efficient Products (featured in the image) includes 4 corner protectors too, which is a big bonus since these are really handy for covering the sharp corners of tables to prevent injury to exploring babies and toddlers.

Baby Thermometer

A baby thermometer is absolutely essential so you can monitor your baby’s temperature if he or she gets ill. Trust me when I say every new mom is paranoid and will worry constantly about her baby. Having a baby thermometer will help ease her concerns if she feels her baby is ill and it will alert her quickly if anything is wrong. Often a niggly baby and a temperature is the first sign that your baby is ill and you will then know to take your baby to the doctor.

Baby Sleeping Bunny

Baby Safety Mattress

Choosing the right mattress for your baby or toddler is essential – you need a mattress that is lightweight, but firm and hypoallergenic. It must also fit the cot perfectly so there no gaps between the mattress and the side of the cot. The mattress must also be breathable since babies often tend to sleep face down. It is advisable to put your baby to sleep on his back, but babies very soon learn how to roll over and move around. Having a proper safety mattress that is breathable will help to prevent suffocation no matter how your baby is sleeping.

Buying a good quality safety mattress as a baby shower gift will always be appreciated, just make sure you know the size of the cot to ensure you get the right size.

Car Window Shades

How many time have you seen a parent driving with a baby in the back seat with a blanket tucked in the window to shade the baby? Yes I’ve done it too!

The skin of a newborn baby is incredible sensitive and it is so easy for your baby’s skin to burn while driving in the car. Using car window shades is the best thing you can do since having a blanket completely blocks your vision while driving which is not safe.

This will make a lovely gift a new mom. You can either get the ones that stick on the window or you can get ones that fit over the door frame which means that you will be able to open and close the window without any problems. Make sure to buy window shades that are made from materials that offer UV protection.


Cord Windups

If mommy to be has blinds in her home them cord windups are absolutely essential. Babies easily get tangled up and strangled on the cords from blinds. According to Consumer Product Safety Commission one child is strangled by window cords every two weeks with almost 93% of these deaths being children three years or younger.

Baby Sleepsack

It is not a great idea to have loose blankets in your baby’s cot. Swaddling your baby when your baby is young but as soon as your baby is able to roll over swaddling is not such a great idea anymore. A sleepsack will leave baby’s hands and arms free while eliminating concerns over blankets being a risk covering your baby’s head.

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  1. Elize Swanepoel

    Great items and very handy to have.

    I didn’t know that you get cord windups for blinds. Thankfully ours are hanging quite high, so he can’t get tangled or strangled easily.

    But he is always pulling on the cords and I’m always nervous that he is going to break them and we stay in a rented flat, so that will not be ideal.

    I bought a digital thermometer very early on. This is an essential item that I can’t manage without. The one I bought can be used on the forehead and inside the ear. Having a digital thermometer saves time especially when you’re checking every few minutes when you’re trying to get baby’s fever down.

    Those safety locks are great to have. I have two on my cupboards that are containing my cleaning materials and I have one on my fridge.

    I regretted not buying one for the toilet, but I see JD is not really bothered with the toilet anymore, so I guess I’m off the hook with that one. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. These items are a must-have and can really make a new Mom’s life a little easier.

  2. Thanks for sharing great ideas

  3. Thank goodness! I honestly didn’t know what to get my friend for her baby shower but this article somewhat gave me a step in the right direction

  4. Wow thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow thank you for sharing. I have 3 baby showers that I must attend.

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