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6 Ways to Throw A Gender Neutral Birthday Party For Twin Girl and Boy

Babies are a bundle of joy, and the feeling is twofold when you get twins. Planning birthday parties for twins is another matter. It gets more exciting and unpredictable when one is a boy and the other is a girl.

How about setting aside gender in the birthday party department? Who says you can’t double the fun and festivity for the twins’ special day with a gender-neutral celebration?

6 Ways to Throw a Gender Neutral Birthday Party for Twin Girl and Boy

Pink, Blue, and a Rainbow of Colors

We live in a world where babies are assigned with colors, blue for boys and pink for girls, the moment they are born. A Smithsonian article back in 2011 explores the interesting history and cultural tidbit behind the pink-and-blue assignment in the United States.

It’s not just the colors that have extended to children’s clothes, toys, cribs, and diapers. Birthday parties are often classified as girly or boyish as the delineation spells convenience in event planning, shopping for party supplies, and the like.

Combined or Separate Party?

Being too mindful about gender may not work when you’re preparing to celebrate a boy and a girl’s birthday at the same time. There are two (yes, pun intended) many things going on, and you’ll have a splitting headache before you make it to the big day.

Some opt to go the separate party route at the request of their kids as each has his or her clique and favorite activities. Others hold a joint celebration and create a sub-theme for the girl and another for the boy.

Nonetheless, a combined and gender-neutral party limits your costs because all preparations, expenses, and logistics are channeled to a single event. You are looking at a large pool of ideas when you shop for themes that appeal to kids regardless of gender.

Until the twins ask for individual celebrations, you are the host and organizer. Don’t worry; your twins will appreciate the games, snacks, and decorations you have arranged especially for them and their friends.

Here’s how to make this double celebration work with little to no hints of gender.

1. Pick a Theme

No party is ever complete without a theme or at least a focal point to glue the elements together. And for the twins, the event is one giant adventure where they and their friends seek out a treasure chest filled with precious stones, gold coins, and what-not buried somewhere.

Invoke the supernatural with a setup of balloons, centerpieces, and door signs that scream a Stranger Things party. The bizarre is only beginning as games centered on trivia and references, whodunit, and overall spook run the show.

Notable mentions are a circus, farmhouse, and enchanted-forest themes; these themes never grow old for kids.

2. Be Generous with Colors

It’s a happy event, so say it with colors. Shades of pink and blue are welcome, along with all the other colors in the rainbow.

Stick to a palette featured in cups, straws, and plates. Or do a full-color spread with your candy bar featuring swirl lollipops, candies, and all the sweet things to eat. Indeed, colorfully decorated food looks fun and tempting to the young party-goers; try recreating Joyce’s magical Christmas lights in cupcakes or top them with tasty-looking bugs.

Even in muted and monochrome birthday parties, richly colored or carefully crafted desserts, not to mention fresh fruit sticks, enliven the party space.

Birthday cake

3. Dish Out Good Food

The spotlight always shines on what you will serve at the party. With the candy bar but a pit stop to the main course, you have a free hand on bite-sized appetizers, finger food, and fruit punch you can dig up from your recipe collection or on the internet.

Of course, the presentation will win the kids over too, so be sure to flex your creative muscle for this great endeavor.

4. Design the Invitation

Create a custom invite for the twins. It can be ultra-minimalist with a typewriter font laying out only the date, time, and place, and save your guests the surprise later. Or save the trouble with ready-made themed invitation cards.

Lest you forget, show your appreciation to the kids and the parents with Thank You cards that you can purchase along with the invites.

5. Dress Up the Twins

Your twins will look adorable in their matching outfits. Play with frills, bowties, laces, and suspenders and see how these elements can add a new flair to your girl’s and boy’s party attire while still staying true to the nongender-specific celebration.

Made-to-order shirts paired with trousers, shorts, or overalls are go-to options. Onesies have never looked cuter for baby celebrants. For school-age kids, you can put them on true ’80s fashion and get hit by a wave of nostalgia.

When dressing your birthday celebrants, keep in mind their comfort and freedom of movement.

Party favours

6. Bring the Favors

You can enlist your twins’ help in choosing which goes into their party favors that their pals will love. Your boy and girl can help in packing these goodies into bags or mini boom boxes, perhaps.

What to put in party packs? A jumble of something delicious, unique, and noteworthy. Fill each bag with candies, coloring materials, and merchandise from the party’s theme. The kids will love to bring this loot home.

The twins’ party is your playground, so have fun planning for a day that your kids will remember forever.

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