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5 Things To Know Before Starting A Law Firm Placement

So, you’re interested in doing a law firm placement? Good for you. While studying law academically is essential when entering the legal sector, hands on experience is also useful. While law firms vary, there are plenty of things to know before you start your placement. Here are some of them. 

Your Area Of Interest

While you might not be able to be too fussy in where you do your placement, it’s important to know what areas of law you’re interested in. This means that you can try to find a placement in that area. For example, if you’re interested in personal injury law, you might wish to get in touch with a firm of car accident lawyers. So, do your research and try to find a placement that interests and excites you.  

The Dress Code

Once you’ve secured your placement, you’ll need to know what to wear. Most law firms have smart dress codes, so you’ll need a smart pair of shoes, some blouses or shirts and smart trousers. Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed. While appearances aren’t everything, looking professional and presentable shows your employer that you’re serious about the placement and want to make a good impression. That means putting a little more effort into your appearance for the duration of your placement.

The Expectations

You might be a little worried about what to expect during your placement. What exactly will you be doing? Generally, you’ll probably be doing fairly basic administration tasks during your placement. Everything will be explained before you start, so you won’t be faced with something you aren’t capable of. You might get the chance to sit in court and make notes – but don’t expect too much. Expect to work hard and be corrected. You have a lot to learn, so don’t be upset when you get things wrong. 

The Hours

Jobs in law are for those who work hard. People tend to work long hours. Expect to go in early and stay late for the duration of your placement. While this might feel exhausting, if you want to impress you’ll need to show that you’re dedicated. However, don’t let yourself be taken advantage of and never do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Speak to the HR department if you aren’t sure. 

How To Impress

You’re probably doing this placement because you want a job in the industry. You might hope to get a permanent position at this firm – or a good reference at the very least. To get this, you’ll need to impress. That means being punctual, working hard and not gossiping. Dress smartly and prove that you have potential. All in all, the most important thing is to be yourself and do the work well. If you have the makings of a lawyer, they’ll notice. 


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