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RocoMamas Review – RocoMamas Harrington

RocoMamas Harrington is managed by my childhood friend, so when I was offered a meal there to do a RocoMamas Review I was over the moon. It meant that my kids and I would be able to spend time with her and as a big time foodie, I will never say no to a good meal.

While planning our trip into Cape Town this review evolved to also be a business meeting with two of my favourite Mompreneurs, Alison Deary from The Papery and Lauren Kinghorn from Inspiring Mompreneurs. (Watch this space, we will be sharing some exciting news soon about a joint collaboration).

Also keep your eyes open for Lauren’s review and a Mompreneur interview with Jana Bent, the manager of RocoMamas Harrington.

RocoMamas Review - RocoMamas Harrington

The RocoMamas Vibe

The vibe at RocoMamas Harrington is fantastic. All of the staff were friendly and so much fun, from our waiter, Captain, to the kitchen staff. When my kids arrived our waiter brought us RocoMamas blocks and some sanitizer which kept the boys busy and entertained.

There is nothing dull and stale about RocoMamas and I loved the retro deco.

RocoMamas menu

The RocoMamas Menu (Halaal)

Some RocoMamas branches are halaal and others not. Rocomamas menu at Harrington is halaal and you can download it here from the Rocomamas website. You can also download their non-halaal menu on their website.

RocoMamas’ big focus is burgers, offering an amazing variety of burgers to order, plus you can make your own burger choosing your ingredients. You can also order ribs, chips (plain or turbo charged with cheese), cheese bombs, chicken strips, nachos and salads.

There is a great variety of milkshakes, Freak shakes and waffles.

My daughter was fascinated with the menu concept where each person at the table gets their own menu with check boxes and a pencil with a place to write their name on to hand to the waiter. She spent a lot time marking off what she wanted to order.

RocoMamas Chicken Wings

The RocoMamas Chicken Wings

We ordered 8 chicken wings to start done Old Skool BBQ with Ranch Dip, this was to accommodate the kids with us, we did not want to have anything that was hot. I would have loved to have tried the chicken wings done Buffalo style but that would have been too hot for the kids. I will save that for next time when I am without any sidekicks.

The chicken wings were delish and luckily for me Lauren is on some sort of a fasting meal plan so I got to have more than my fair share of these!

RocoMamas Feta Bombs

The RocoMamas Feta Bombs

I’m so glad that Jana (aka Mama J) insisted we try some of these as they were incredible. These are cheese balls that are crumbed and deep fried and served with dip, OMG what a hit! We went for the feta bombs since once again we did not want to order anything that was too hot for the kids.

The RocoMamas Burgers

The burgers were nothing short of amazing, hands down the best burgers I have ever eaten! One thing that drives me crazy is when you look at a menu or a website and see images of the food but when your plate arrives it does not come close to looking like the pictures.

You will not find this happening at RocoMamas – these burgers are the real deal and when they arrive you will be impressed at how they look when they arrive at your table and how they taste!

With all the burgers on the menu you can choose to have a beef, chicken or vegetarian burger.

I am not a vegetarian, but since I have one sister that is vegan and my other sister is vegetarian I had to ask some questions relating to the vegetarian burgers. The vegetarian option is not vegan, but it is 100% vegetarian. They also cook the vegetarian burgers separately to the meat burgers, which an important thing that vegetarians want to know.

RocoMamas MYO Burger

The burger above is a M.Y.O (make your own) chicken burger with guacamole, salsa, chilli and Mofo mayo, with a side of chips.

RocoMamas Rockstar Smash Burger

I had the Rockstar Smash Burger (pictured above) with chips. The Rockstar burger has Swiss cheese, caramelized red onion and Rocomayo. Absolutely delicious.

A Tour Of The Kitchen At RocoMamas

After our meal Jana took me on a tour of the back of RocoMamas and the kitchens. I’ve worked in many restaurants over the years and this was the cleanest, most organized store and kitchen I have ever seen.

I was shown how everything is prepared before cooking and then how the kitchen works.

While RocoMamas is a fast food chain everything is made from scratch in the back. The burgers are not bought prepared, in fact they are not even made from mince that is purchased – RocoMamas makes their own mince from meat. They also make all their own sauces and batter for the waffles.

I was shown why the burgers are called smash burgers. The mince for the burgers is rolled into balls and then smashed in a particular way when it is added to the grill – you can check out how it is done in my Instagram Story Highlights, along with lots of other highlights of our afternoon at RocoMamasHarrington.

After the tour my children and Lauren’s son were invited by Mama J into the kitchen to make their own waffles and as I am sure you can imagine they were delighted.

RocoMamas Bubblegum G-shake

The RocoMamas G-shakes and Freak Shakes

Their menu for G-shakes and Freak Shakes is so impressive but our kids decided that they all wanted the Bubblegum G-shakes. I couldn’t help but wonder about all the other shakes on offer. While I was really tempted to try one out I knew I would not be able to handle some starters, a burger and chips and a shake.

The Belgium Chocolate G-shake and the Slow Death By Chocolate Freak Shake are both on my to try list. Other interesting shakes on the menu are Peanut Butter, Butter Toffee, Cherry Custard Pie and Sour Cherry Unicorn.

RocoMamas Cookies & Cream Waffles

The RocoMamas Waffles

The combination of making their own waffles and eating such decadent waffles made this the highlight of the day for the kids. The waffle above is the Cookies & Cream waffle. The boys made such a quick dash with theirs that I never managed to get a good photo, but you can catch some great shots of them making waffles in my Instagram Stories.

Fun At RocoMamas Harrington

My Verdict For RocoMamas Harrington

This was such a hit with both my kids telling me that this is now hands down their favourite restaurant and they want to go back to eat there soon. I’m not surprised they loved it so much, everything was outstanding.

I would love to return sometime soon too. I want to try their Turbo Charged fries and I also want to order some spicier versions of the starters we ate, plus one of those Freak mikshakes would go down so well.

I hope you have enjoyed this RocoMamas Review – if you have never visited a RocoMamas before I highly recommend that you give RocoMamas Harrington a go and don’t forget to tell them that Lynne Huysamen from Kaboutjie sent you!

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  1. Roco Mamas is definitely one of my Favorite
    Restaurants,delicious foods ,wide variety.

  2. Love roco mama’s. The food is always great. Milkshakes are AMAZING

  3. Sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try them out

  4. My family favorite restaurant. Their veggie burger is divine. Next time we go I think I want to try their feta bombs too

  5. I really hope you enjoyed Lynne. Rocomamas does not really excites me because I find their burger not tasty and the texture is just not good. But my opinion lol

  6. Leigh Anne Swart

    I love RocoMamas .. their Burgers are delicious especially their waffles!!

  7. The most tastiest burgers ever

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