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10 Fun, Educational Ways for Moms to Make Money at Home

Thanks to technology, you can get yourself a side gig that allows you to generate income while the kids are studying, sleeping, or hanging out with their grandparents.

Whether you’re looking to fill your spare hours to keep your brain cells from dying or working to make extra pocket money, you can take comfort in knowing that your skills can get you a side hustle.

Educational Ways For Moms To Make Money From Home

List of Top 10 Educational Ways to Earn at Home

Take a look at the following fun, educational ways to make money at home:

  1. Tester or Researcher

So many companies will pay you to get your opinion. You can become an expert tester or researcher with just your computer, phone, and the internet. Do note that the payment varies depending on the length and nature of the research involved. Here’s how you can participate in this gig:

  • Website/app tester: Give your thoughts on websites and apps using Usertesting, Usertest, Startuplift, and the like.
  • Do mystery shopping: Go incognito, visit stores, and make a report. Sometimes, you even get free spending money.
  • Join FGDs: Research companies pay people to join focus group discussions where they are asked honest opinions about certain products.
  • Online surveys: As the name says, fill out online surveys and get paid in the process. It’s simple, straightforward and pretty easy. You won’t earn a ton of money but every dollar adds up if you have spare time.

Survey Junkie is a great option to earn money online with surveys. Use these fun Survey Junkie hacks to earn extra money on the platform.

  1. Child Care Services

When you are already staying at home with the kids, why not earn extra cash by watching other people’s children? Childcare costs are sky-high, so take advantage of this opportunity. Adding a few more children won’t make a difference in your routine. Your children will even benefit from having tons of playmates. They can socialize and learn from one another.

Since you are the boss, you set how many kids you take and their ages. Just don’t market yourself as a daycare center because that means securing licenses.

  1. Transcription Expert

Some call this transcriptionist while others dub it as a transcriber. If you’ve got excellent typing skills, you can make tons of cash.

All you need are headphones, computer, typing software, and a foot pedal that controls the audio or video. The fun part about this job is you can learn a lot of things. It is one of the educational ways to make money.

Remember, you are listening, seeing, and typing at the same time. Studies who that the more senses used, the better the retention rate. You not only earn cash, but you also expand your knowledge.

Virtual tutoring

  1. Virtual Tutoring

Online tutoring is a great way to use your expertise while earning extra dough. All you need is Skype, Facetime, or similar platforms. Best of all, tutoring doesn’t require any teaching certifications. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you are set. You can try looking for clients in online community boards, or you can join tutoring companies like Tutor, Revolution Prep, Wyzan, etc.

You can teach math or science, which is a must for those reviewing for SATs. English is also in demand, especially for foreigners learning English as a second language (ESL). It is fun and rewarding to see other people grow their skills with your help. Best of all, teaching ESL is one of the educational ways to make money because you can learn about other people’s cultures.  

  1. Freelancer

If you’ve got special skills like content writing, graphic design, or video editing, leverage those skills by working as a freelancer.

Create your profile in various online marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr, where clients can view your resume and portfolio. Offering your expertise while getting paid is not just rewarding for your pocket. It also feels good when you can use your talents to help your clients. You can also learn new things while pursuing your passions.

  1. Telemarketer

You’ve probably encountered a telemarketer at one point in your life. Though they do get frequent hang-ups, this is a great work-at-home choice. There are various shifts so you can pick one that suits your time.

There’s no need for a college degree nor tons of training. If you like talking to people and enjoy explaining about various products, this gig may be right up your ally.

  1. Virtual Assistant

As a mom, you are the queen of multitasking! As such, being a virtual assistant to someone who needs help is a great opportunity. You will be organizing someone’s schedule, booking travel, arranging meetings, or doing reports.

The key is to find a good employer who will provide a good compensation package along with flexible hours so you can still run your household and watch your kids.

  1. CS Rep

If you are in dire need of adult conversation, being a Customer Service Representative working from home is a great idea. This job has low barriers for entry so you can find a company who’ll take you under their wing. All you have to do is take inbound calls to answer questions and help customers. If you have a knack for appeasing and pleasing people, this should be a breeze for you.

Social Media Evaluator

  1. Social Media Evaluator

Love hanging out in social media? Become a social media evaluator and get paid for your hobby!

Gather information about a brand’s social media presence by examining their content. You can do this anywhere as long as you have your phone, internet access, and computer. You can begin looking for work online in Glassdoor or Flexjobs.

  1. Sell Online

If you are a crafty person, venture into online selling. With Etsy and Amazon, e-commerce has been accessible to ordinary folks.

This option will allow you to enjoy your hobbies while earning money on the side. It is very fulfilling to see when your handiwork is selling well.

Final Word

Every single mommy on the planet knows that being a mom takes its toll on you. No matter how much you love your wee ones, the task of changing nappies, wiping runny noses, cleaning up messes, and dealing with tantrums is exhausting. Apart from wearing you down, kids are expensive!

Luckily, making money from home is easier than ever before. These side hustles will even pave the way for personal growth and development. This list is not exhaustive, but as you can see, there are many fun, educational ways to make money even when you are home with your children.

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