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10 Activated Charcoal Benefits

When many think of activated charcoal, they may think of the bricks that are used to grill foods with. However, these two substances are not the same at all. Activated charcoal goes by many names, such as activated carbon, vegetable charcoal, animal charcoal, and Lamp Black.

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10 Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a black powder that is odorless. It has the ability to be used in a wide range of medicinal purposes, which is why so many emergency rooms keep a supply on hand. It binds well to molecules, ions, and atoms; and it is extremely absorbent.

What are the benefits of activated charcoal?

There are many amazing benefits of activated charcoal. The top 10 activated charcoal benefits include:

1. Activated charcoal can help assist kidney function

Toxins that have been undigested can be filtered out of the body. It could help improve the kidney function in individuals that have chronic kidney disease, as well as reduce inflammation and gastrointestinal damage.

2. Diarrhea can be treated with activated charcoal

In fact, in countries that are known for death being caused by dehydration have been using this remedy as it is fairly cheap.

3. This magical black powder can act as a teeth whitener

The PH in the mouth is changed when activated charcoal is used to brush the teeth, which prevents bacterial overgrowth. This will reduce the likelihood of gingivitis, as well as bad breath and cavities. Activated charcoal makes a great natural teeth whitener.

4. Skin infections and inflammations can be treated using activated charcoal

It can be mixed with coconut oil or Vaseline, and applied every half an hour to areas on the skin that are red or inflamed. After applying a layer, dress the area with a bandage wrapped around it. When used on the skin, activated charcoal can draw impurities to the skin’s surface.

5. Reduce cholesterol levels by using activated charcoal

Cholesterol can be bound in the gut when activated charcoal is taken. For this to be effective, it appears that larger amounts of activated charcoal will need to be used.

6. Hangover prevention is a great activated charcoal benefit

If activated charcoal is taken after consuming many drinks, alcohol poisoning can be avoided. The liver will not have to work as hard, as many of the chemicals that are added to bottled alcoholic beverages can be inactivated by taking this miracle powder.

7. Slows down the aging process by preventing stress to vital organs in the body

Activated charcoal can limit the amount of toxins the body receives through the liver and kidneys, which will help with the overall health of anyone that takes it.

8. Natural deodorant in an aerosol form is often made from activated charcoal

Those with excessive sweat and moisture will find benefit from using this product, as bacteria will not be able to thrive in the presence of activated charcoal.

9. Water purifiers often use some form of activated charcoal to filter the water

Take a look at your water filtering pitcher. Chances are, there is a carbon filter in it. These filters are activated charcoal. One of the main activated charcoal benefits of these filters is to remove odors in the water, as well as other contaminates, such as chlorine.

10. Those with excessive gas after certain meals may benefit from taking activated charcoal

As an added activated charcoal benefit, the gas that is produced may not be quite as smelly.

What are medical uses for activated charcoal?

One of the greatest activated charcoal benefits is treating poisonings and overdoses with this fine powder. It can help to draw out toxins and drugs in the body. It has been used for overdoses on many over the counter anti-inflammatory and other NSAIDS, calcium channel blockers, sedatives, Dapsone, medications for malaria, and Tegretol. It will not help those that have overdosed on substances that are
corrosive. It will not help with alcohol, lithium, lye, paint thinner, oil, and gasoline. It is often given mixed with a drink if the individual is conscious, however, it may be administered by a feeding tube if necessary. Activated charcoal will need to be consumed within one to four hours of an overdose for it to do any good.

Are there any risks of taking activated charcoal?

It should be noted that activated charcoal should not be taken with syrup of ipecac. If they are taken
together, the syrup of ipecac can be bound up in the stomach.

Alcohol should also not be consumed when taking activated charcoal. The reason for this is that the alcohol may decrease the effectiveness of the activated charcoal.

For the most part, activated charcoal does not have many adverse reactions. It is very rare, but it can cause a blockage in the intestinal tract.

If you are interested in taking activated charcoal for its benefits, it is best to consult your health care provider first. Taking activated charcoal orally can interfere with certain medications. Many have found it safe to use short term. You may see black stools or have constipation when using any activated charcoal products.


Activated charcoal has many great benefits. It helps the body internally by filtering the kidneys and helping with liver health. It can also whiten your teeth. Externally, you may use it to filter your water, and help heal skin infections.

There are many other great activated charcoal benefits. So many, in fact, that every household should have activated charcoal in their medicine cabinets.

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