The Top Four Experiences In Alaska

Alaska is a vast, beautiful state, which offers a wealth of activities, scenery, and attractions not found anywhere else in the world. Located just northwest of Canada, this is a treasure trove of unique flora and fauna, opportunities to get up close and personal with nature and experience the wonder of this incredible area. Whether you make the most of Jasons Kenai River fishing guide service or want to see a real-life grizzly, here are the top things you must try when visiting Alaska—you won’t be sorry!

Experience The Northern Lights

The incredible natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights is best seen between September and April when the cold winter nights are clear and crisp. For maximum impact, wait until after midnight when the lights appear in their full glory and offer a stunning backdrop to a late-night adventure. If anything was worth disrupting your eight hours of shut-eye for, this is it.

Head To The Wonders Of The Tundra

The Alaskan tundra is a must-visit site on any explorers list and is a perfect representation of the mysteries and magic which always surround Alaska. A world of incredible contrasts, winters are long and cold, and summers fleeting, though still chilly. Wonder at the power of nature to survive, submerged beneath the thick, subzero snow for seven months of the year, only to emerge in full bloom as the ice clears. Explore with a hike, pull off the main highway to marvel, or take the security of a bus. However, you get to Alaska— it is a place you are sure never to forget.

Drive A Rural Highway

It is estimated that even if you covered a million acres a day, it would still take over a year to see the whole of Alaska. The vast space of this state is part of what gives it a beautiful majesty which can’t be recaptured anywhere else on earth.

One of the best ways to experience this ‘Alaska Factor’ is to simply take a drive on a highway for a few hours. The real wonder then comes when you examine a map, only to realize how little ground you have actually covered on your trip. Alaska seems to go on forever, with endless, yawning scenery in every direction, and this can make you feel a little emotional as you appreciate how tiny and fragile humans truly are in the face of nature.

Call Of The Wild

One of the key features of Alaska is the number of wild animals it contains. A bear tour will give you a chance to see these incredible animals in person—from a very safe distance of course! The sheer size and strength of these natural hunters is breathtaking, and it is a life-changing opportunity to truly experience the beautiful creatures which walk our planet and give thanks for their existence.

 These bears have hard lives and have to be strong to survive. This helps to give them their unique beauty and power and offers an experience which is nothing like admiring them through a Netflix documentary.

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