Behind The Scenes 19 November 2021 – Such A Tiring Week!

It has been a long and tiring week, with so much going on including some medical issues that I still need to get sorted out. My live video on Friday was so much fun though, ending the week off on a positive note. It was great having Amanda Rogaly from BabyYumYum join us this week.

BabyYumYum Boom 2021

While this pandemic has been incredibly hard on so many it was great to hear that Amanda Rogaly from BabyYumYum experienced a boom during the pandemic, leading to amazing growth of her business. We had a fantastic chat about kids getting labels (both good and bad) and how this impacts children. Check out the live video in the post header. Amanda is on the ball and so astute when it comes to the parenting scene.

Medical Issues

I’ve had a very mild pain on my left side under my ribs for the last few months. It has not been so painful that it causes me problems but it has been happening more often with the pain increasing slightly over time. While it is not particularly sore it is a concern so I went to the doctor and he was concerned about it and also picked up a possible problem with my bowel.

My blood was drawn for testing and I was sent for a scan. The scan results are that my kidneys, liver, spleen and gall bladder all look perfectly normal and my blood results for a huge number of tests including cholesterol and glucose levels were all good.

My doctor suspects that I may have Diverticulosis, which is a condition that a close family member of mine also has. This is where small pouches form and push through weak spots of the colon. While this is not a particularly serious condition it must be managed through changes in diet to ensure it does not become the more severe form of the condition which is called Diverticulitis which is a very unpleasant condition.

The cause of the pain under my rib is still unknown. Next week I have an appointment to see a specialist and I suspect I may be sent for a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy. Neither of those sound particularly fun to me but they are probably necessary. Fun times ahead.

Grade 4 Exam Stress

Preparing my daughter for exams has proven to be quite stressful, with my daughter having a huge melt down when I asked her to make study notes summarizing all the work she had to learn. The melt down lasted for about an hour and a half and when she finally sat down to do what was required of her it took only an hour from beginning to end. My patience has been really put to the test this last week.

While my daughter is very bright and aces all her exams at this time, I feel it is really important to get good study habits in place early since exams won’t always be easy for her. Let’s hope next week goes easier for both of us.

Kids at beach

Beach Days Ahead

One thing that has made me very happy this last week is the weather has warmed up and the beach has been fantastic in the mornings. This means morning beach walks for me which is so good for my mental health. It also means beach fun for my kids.

I see that the covid numbers are increasing again, so I am just hoping and praying that the beaches stay open over the festive season. Having the beaches closed last festive season really put a damper on our Christmas holidays.

Quiet Weekend Ahead

The last few weeks have been so busy with my daughter’s birthday, my kids’ birthday party and going away to Berg River Resort and 22 Waterfalls. It is a pleasure knowing that this weekend there is nothing planned and we have all agreed that a quiet weekend at home is what we all need right now.

Kids' birthday cakes

My Kid’s Birthday Party

Last weekend we had my kids’ combined birthday party and it was fantastic. My sister in law made the cakes which took a lot of pressure off me. Since she is a chef my children went all out with their requests. This is the first time ever that I have not made cakes for them myself. My daughter asked he a donut rock cake with a dragon on top and my son requested a black jaguar. They got to search online for pictures and choose exactly what they wanted.

It was also the first year that I have not baked or prepared trays of food, instead I opted for an easy day. I bought frozen sausage rolls and baked them. Other than that I opted for fruit (watermelon, strawberries and pineapple), chips and some sweets.

So it has been a long and tiring week, with me hardly being able to put any focus on my work. I’m hoping that next week goes smoother!

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  1. I had a hectic weekend. I was working from the 13th to 21st at the Trade fair in Durban. And on Friday it was my son’s birthday but I was not there for him luckily he understands mom has to do what she have to do, to put food on the table, thanks to my husband and my sister who were there to make his day extra special. It was a long tiring week ever but all went well thank God. P

    • It certainly sounds tiring Sindisiwe! I’ve worked at markets before (nothing as big as a trade fair though) and I find that very tiring being on my feet all day and dealing with people face to face. It is not easy. I’m so sorry you weren’t able to be there for your son’s birthday. What we started doing in our family (my parents, sisters and I) when we could not all be together on a special day is to just choose another day to celebrate. So Christmas is usually not on Christmas day for example but we do the whole toot on another day that is more convenient for us all to get together. Maybe your son can choose a day to celebrate his birthday with you?

  2. Its a norm for me to constantly feel tired/drained week after week,ever since taking in my nephew its been a rollercoaster ride and with my anxiety flare ups i try hard to not be a spitting fire dragon,lol
    The aftermath of covid also eeks me to not have my smelling sense full on,unusual smells thats not there or a certain smell for everything i come across,i had my fair share of shambles but i got to do what needs to be done pulling up those big girl undies,cape strapped around my neck and tackling each day as it come.

    • I’m so sorry for your struggles Davida, the world turned upside down with Covid and so many are struggling. Thankfully I think I will be right as rain as soon as school breaks up so I can catch a break from exams and all the lifting up and down. I think another thing that is making me so tired is that times and schedules all change in the last term due to exams being written. I find when routines change it really messes me up! Bring on the holidays!

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