Renting a Villa in Mexico: FAQS

If you’re considering a trip to Mexico, you’re certainly going to look at the variety of different options for accommodations. While resort hotels have long been the standard, renting villas has recently become much more popular. There are a lot of advantages to renting a villa, but if it’s your first time considering doing so, you probably have questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about renting a villa in Mexico, along with some straightforward answers!

Are Villas More Expensive Than Hotels?

On the face of it, villas may seem more expensive in some ways. However, when you break down the costs, you’ll find that renting a villa is frequently comparable to (or even lower than) staying in a resort hotel.

First of all, if you’re traveling with family or a group, there’s the issue of cost per bed, and villas often excel in that regard.

Secondly, resort hotels often have lots of hidden costs. Where are you going to eat every day? You could be enjoying home cooked food in your own personal kitchen. Even if you’re having staff cook for you at your villa, the food costs are generally much lower (and well documented) than those at a resort hotel.

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Do Rates Change During Different Seasons?

The “summer season” in Mexico usually applies from May to October, with shorter minimum stays. Winter season rates apply the remainder of the year, and often have longer minimum stays, with holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s having the longest minimum stays of all. The cost per night may or may not change, depending on the agency or the particular villa. Enjoy Mexico rentals in Punta Mita agents can answer your questions about shifting rates depending on the season.

What is the Best Time of Year to Visit?

Quite honestly, whenever you have time! You’ll find that the winter months are a bit milder, but depending on what activities you’re planning, this may or may not make a difference. Summer often offers greater affordability. Either way, however, you’re going to have an amazing time, so choose the time that suits you best!

Are All Villas Family Friendly?

Many villas are, although there may be some exceptions to the rule. If you’re bringing small children, know that there are some villas that aren’t just family-friendly, but may offer special accommodations for families, such as cribs, and other baby and child-specific items.  If you need these items, make sure to request them well in advance so that the staff or villa owner can be sure to have them prepared for your visit.

Can I be Sure of Having a Quality Experience?

When you rent a villa through a reputable agency, you absolutely can be sure that you’re going to have a high-quality experience. While it may seem risky to rent a villa that belongs to a private owner, agencies carefully vet the villas and renters to be sure that their clients’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.

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