How to Choose the Right Stroller

Your child has been cooped up for too long and is driving you crazy. You can’t take anymore Elsa or ogres or ponies; no more singing! Their bedroom is a mess and the living room is even worse. You need to get out of the house. It doesn’t matter where you go; just somewhere to get away from the chaos you find yourself in. Obviously, you have to take the little one, so you need to grab the stroller. But did you choose the right stroller? Do their legs dangle over the front? Is your infant tipping over in the seat? Here are several types of strollers and ways to tell which one is right for your child.

How To Choose The Right Stroller

Lightweight Strollers

If you are in need of a stroller for your toddler, then start looking at these. Like the name says, they are lightweight, capable of easily being lifted by any mom (hopefully the dads out there can lift them as well) and loaded swiftly into the truck of most cars. While some of these types of strollers fold up front to back, the majority of lightweights come in the form of umbrella strollers; they fold up on the sides as well like a pack-and-play. One fluid motion collapses these guys for quick and easy storage.

Lightweight strollers are also great if you need one on a budget. You can buy these from most retailers for $20. Depending on the materials and patterns of the fabrics (Minnie Mouse designs will cost you more than plain pink), and the strength of the aluminum frame, these can go into the $40 range; even as high as $100. These will be the high-end brands with sturdier designs, five-point harnesses, and stronger fabrics. Safer, stylish; just what every toddler needs for a trip to the zoo!

Full Size Strollers

Full size strollers serve the same function: to get your child from point A to point B without a hassle; but they come at twice the cost, if not more. The price increase is due to manufacturing differences and additional features. Although full size strollers fold up, they do not have an umbrella option. They are designed with storage compartments, cup holders, and sets of three or four wheels that, when all combined, prevents them from folding any way but flat. Starting prices for full size strollers are around the low $100s but can spike upwards of $500 depending on brand.

The benefit of owning one of these is that they are made to last. Many are designed to be the only stroller you will ever need, from the time your little one grows out of infancy to the point where they are too heavy to push anymore. And that is another benefit! Lightweight strollers are made for lighter children. Full size strollers have a higher weight limit. There are dual full size strollers available, perfect for toting both of your children around in. So if your kids are stressing you out, pack them a lunch, put away the toys, clean the mess off of the rug, scoop them up, and take them out for an afternoon out.

Mom running with baby in jogging stroller

Jogging Strollers

If you like to go out for a morning run but think you can’t because of your little one, you need to rethink that. There are strollers made just for you! Similar to full size strollers, jogging strollers come with many of the same features: sun visor, cup holders on the front, five-point harness, etc. They are also made with stronger frames and shock systems on the wheels for added support. The three-wheel design makes steering easier on the run.

These are also available as complete travel systems for more longer-term use. Surprisingly, some manufacturers now offer dual joggers as well They come in various styles and colors, and prices are similar to the full size strollers. The dual joggers can reach as high as $650!

Travel Systems

Travel systems are full size strollers (or joggers) that come with a carrier. They are made to serve as the only system you will need, from the day your infant leaves the hospital to the day their legs scrape the ground. The carrier comes with a base that that allows you to transfer the infant carrier from the backseat of the car to the stroller, snapping into grooves on the cup holder bar to keep it secured.

Once the carrier is no longer needed, your child will just switch over to using the stroller itself. You will have to insert the five-point harness when you do switch over. Prices for the travel systems start at $200 while the majority of them are between $250 to $350. Be careful when buying a travel system; because you have to install the base into the car, you will want to check and double check your straps and owners manual to insure you have it in there correctly.

Moms toddlers and strollers

Frame Strollers

If you already have a carrier for your baby, then you may want to consider buying one of these frame strollers instead of a full travel system. Although these strollers have no room to grow with your little one (some do have a rear seat for an older child that would work great if you have one of each age), they are a good, economical choice if you are thinking of the present.

Frame strollers can sell anywhere from $45 to $1000 (no, there’s not an extra 0 in there). With dual options available for those of you lucky enough to have twins, and storage space underneath, these are a great, easy stroller to take your infant(s) out to the mall (teach them shopping habits earl

Sometimes you just need to get away for a few hours; change up the environment for a while. This can be fun and relaxing for you and the little one (or ones). Hopefully, this will help you decide the right type of stroller to purchase to temporarily escape that mayhem of the household.

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