African Extracts Rooibos Products – My New Skincare Routine

A few months back I realized that I am getting old and that I need to start looking after my skin. My skin had become dry and was losing its elasticity, not to mention all the wrinkles that are suddenly appearing.ย You might want to read my article about skin care tips for women over 30.

I investigated a few options for skin care and settled on the African Extracts rooibos products. Their products are all natural and Rooibos is so good for your skin. African Extracts products are approved by Beauty Without Cruelty which always appeals to me.

Since using their range I have found that the health of my skin has improved immensely. My skin feels rejuvenated and softer, plus my wrinkles are not as noticeable.

They have a few ranges and the range that I have been using is their classic face range and I am planning on starting to use their classic body range too when the products I am currently using are finished.

Since this is a product that I personally use I highly recommend that you give African Extracts a go. It is not only an amazing product (that is not tested on animals) but they are so reasonably priced that I was honestly surprised when I bought their range.


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  1. Hi @lynne

    Can you believe i was in the car this morning thinking i need to do something about my skin. I’m having a look at the site now and i see there’s a store locator, I’m still looking but is it possible to buy online?

    • I bought mine at Clicks @tamara737 If you want to buy online try Takealot, I saw some of the African Extracts products there. Just take note of the different ranges, the classic range that I bought is the better priced range.

  2. Awesome – thanks so much Lynne!! As always SO helpful at exactly the right times!! xx

  3. @lynne just got a starter pack from Dischem to try it out. It consists of the Day Moisturizing Cream, Cleansing Lotion, Toner, and nourishing Night Cream. They are 60ml and 20ml, perfect to test the product for R75. Thanks Lynne ?

    • Enjoy! I haven’t seen the starter pack before, how nifty and handy, so you can try it out before spending a lot of money. I am sure you will love it ๐Ÿ™‚

      PS have you seen the latest blog post I just publish a few seconds ago? #FOTM @tamara737

  4. @lynne That’s exactly what I thought! It’s brilliant. Can’t wait to try it! I didn’t see it actually, will go look now ?

  5. So, I started with my products ๐Ÿ™‚
    Last night and this morning, my skin feels lovely. I also bought the face soap so have added that to my regime as well ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s to better looking skin ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi have been using their purifying range for oily skin for a few years now and my skin has calmed down quite a bit. Also thinking of swapping for some products for their mature range. Only problem is I just cannot seem to get a good eye cream for dark circles, puffiness and crows feet. Any recommendations moms? I also prefer moisturizer with spf as I tend to be lazy with applying sunscreen and hate the oily icky feeling over my moisturizer.

  7. I also used African extract’s products and it does seem to work well, but since I started opting for more natural products I started checking the contents of all my skincare products. This range contains Sodium Laureth Sulphate which dries out your skin and strips it of all natural oils. It also contains other chemicals. I found that the Victorian Garden and Hemporium range from Faithfull to Nature works very well without all the chemicals.

  8. Betsie Labuschagne

    I have seen the range in store but now I will look a little bit closer next time

  9. Elize Swanepoel

    I’ll definitely consider buying myself some of their products whenever I have a bit of spare cash. I’ve been wanting to try a different skincare range, especially now that I’m noticing all the little lines and wrinkles I’ve never noticed before.

    I’ts not easy getting older. I’ve seen this range so many times when I walk through Clicks. What I love the most is that they are endorsed by beauty without cruelty (big plus) and that their products contain natural plant extracts.

    Rooibos is packed with antioxidants and I love drinking it. I’m sure a skin care product that contains this gem from nature must be equally amazing.

    I’ll have a look at their prices and hopefully soon I can start using it.

    I have such a sensitive skin and I prefer using skincare products that contain natural ingredients, so this range sounds like just the thing I need.

  10. Iโ€™ve been eyeing these products for quite a while. I will definitely give them a try!

    • Lukhanye Somtunzi

      I fully agree. I tried the Radiance range and I’m so happy shame so far ๐Ÿ˜Š #AfricanExtractFans

  11. I personally feel this is one of the best skincare ranges in South Africa, their loofah soap is really amazing

  12. I have been using it too and i to recommend it. I love it.

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