Mexican Bola Chime Necklace for Pregnancy

Why you Need a Mexican Bola Chime Necklace for Pregnancy

A Mexican Bola is also known as a harmony ball and as a pregnancy chime. It is a special piece of jewelry that has a ball with a chime in it. The necklace has a long chain and then the chime sits on your pregnant tummy.

From about 18 or 20 weeks pregnant your baby can hear noise outside the womb. When you walk and move around the chimes make a soft sound which your baby can hear and become accustomed to, just like your baby can hear your heart beat.

The sound calms your unborn baby in the womb, as well as brings harmony and calm to the mother to be.

When your baby is born he or she will remember the sound of the Mexican Bola and just like the sound of your heartbeat will be a familiar and soothing sound, so will the sound of the pregnancy chime.

The Mexican Bola can help with calming and soothing your baby after birth. Your baby is coming from a place of warmth, comfort and security into a world which is unknown. Your baby will recognize your smell and the sound of your voice and your heart. Wearing a Mexican Bola gives one more thing that your baby can recognize and associate with safety and security while in the womb.

After your baby is born you can shorten the necklace so that it sits around your breastbone. When you hold your baby and rock your baby it will give off its familiar chime. This can help with breastfeeding your baby too.

When your baby is a little older and can reach out for things while breastfeeding it can become an object of comfort in a new way.

Not only can it be amazing to wear during pregnancy and beyond but it can also be kept as a keepsake and passed on to your baby when he or she is an adult.

The Mexican Bola is very popular and makes for an amazing gift for a special family member or close friend that is pregnant.

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  1. Always wanted one but never got one whilr pregnant…

  2. I never heard of this necklace but it’s real sounds interesting and something I must have

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