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Pros and Cons Of A Baby Carrier

We often talk about our jobs and efforts going unappreciated. We give our maximum but at times get nothing in return. But you know, what can be the most thankless job in the world? It’s motherhood.

Mothers work all day and night, raising and nurturing kids along with managing home and work in some cases, yet they may get nothing in return.

Most women manage to get things done by multitasking. They manage household chores and work with baby by wrapping them around them using baby carriers, also known as baby slings. It allows them to use their hands while the baby is held close to them.

Some people perceive that mothers wearing a sling are trying to avoid to carry the baby in their arms. But that is not the case at all. Parents love their children more than anything. So it isn’t a great idea to judge somebody’s way of parenting and trust me; they know what they are doing.

Baby carriers or baby slings come in many different varieties. Some women use a ring-sling; some use a wrap or a buckle carrier, while some use a backpack sort of a carry. There is no age restriction; however, since newborns are so fragile many mothers wait until their baby is at least 6 weeks old before using a baby carrier.

Like many things, baby carriers have their pros and cons too. While a baby carrier can benefit us, they can be simultaneously dangerous.

Here we will discuss a few advantages and disadvantages of using a baby carrier:

Pros and Cons Of A Baby Carrier

Benefits Of A Baby Carrier

• The top benefit of using a carrier is that your baby is close to you, and wrapped against your body giving them comfort. Feeling your body’s warmth ensures them they are in a safe embrace.
• Most of the baby carriers are not age limited. Older babies and even toddlers can be carried in them too.
• It is comforting and soothing for mothers/parents, as it provides them with the warmth of their babies.
• It is easy to put on once you get the hang of it.
• Baby can hang in an upright position, inward-facing, or outward-facing position enabling the baby to be distracted while you do your work.
• Mothers/parents can easily do laundry, clean dishes and dusting while not fretting about the baby.
• Baby carriers provide mobility to parents. They can quickly move, work, cook, and shop too.
• Babies often tend to fall sleep while wrapped around their parents in a carrier so. Once finished with of a tiring task, mothers can rest for a while too while their baby naps.
• Baby carriers are especially useful for colicky babies. Hence, less exhausting for parents.
• If your baby cries a lot, the baby carrier is a great solution.

The baby carrier can undoubtedly help us in many ways. Let’s read some of the drawbacks.

Dangers Of Using A Baby Carrier

• It possesses a risk of baby slipping if not worn or appropriately secured, or it gets broken.
• It can become quite challenging and time-consuming when you are alone and are not to using it correctly.
• It takes a while to get used to it completely.
• Ring carriers may be slightly uncomfortable for both baby and mother if not worn correctly.
• Babies can get used to being held all the time, which can become frustrating at times when you are already exhausted.
• Carrying a baby can generate heat, which might be great for colder weather, but in summer can cause rashes on the baby’s skin due to excess heating.
• If babies are not put in the correct position with their legs spread apart and knees equally placed against the carrier, they can later develop knee problems.
• Hip dysplasia is a condition that babies can be born with, and it goes unnoticed until babies are a few months old. However, baby carriers can accelerate the situation and make it worse.
• One of the most dangerous risks of baby carriers is that newborn babies can get suffocated, which a parent may not realize. Since the parent would be busy doing completing their tasks, it is critical to ensure that the baby has enough space to breathe.

Baby ring sling


All babies are precious to their moms and dad, so we know that whatever they do will be the best for their child.

If you are planning to buy a baby carrier, make sure to do all your research. Try to ask people about their experiences and consult a competent and open-minded pediatrician because they can guide you correctly.

There are many different types of baby carriers, choose what is suitable for your circumstances and your budget. .

Market experts have predicted that the sales of baby carriers will dominate the sales of strollers because they are handy to use, plus strollers are big to carry and can create difficulty, especially when traveling. The world is becoming a global village, which means that the exchange of ideas is happening from all over the world. It means that we can predict that in a few years, a more modernized version of baby carriers will be in markets with negligible cons and numerous pros. But till then, it is your call to choose whether to use a baby carrier or not.

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  1. I was such a baby carrier fan – it made it so much easier to get things done when I had both hands free.

  2. I bought a lovely baby carrier from Woolworths that I have been using for the last 3+ years. I used it for my first baby and now I am using it for my second born.

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