Foam Dough

Kids Activities: Foam Dough

This easy foam dough recipe has just 3 ingredients making it an awesome activity for your child.

Just mix equal parts Maizena and shaving cream together and then add in some food colouring. This is a much softer mix than playdough and lots of fun!

Mixing Foam Dough

Foam Dough Balls

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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  1. Great ! And so easy to make. Definitely going to try this. My Mom is a Gr RR teacher, I’m going to give her this recipe, this will keep the kids busy and looks like lot of fun too.

  2. This is nice and easy even i will be able to make it by the time my boy is old enough i have alot of this to make for him that he can play with and have fun.

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