How To Do Bullet Journalling – With The Papery

One of my favourite people to collaborate with is Alison Deary from The Papery and for this video on how to do bullet journaling her new assistant Delia Venter also joined in. It was a fantastic video and so much fun, I learned a lot myself on bullet journaling and I am going to enjoy implementing some of these things moving forward. I’m a huge fan of journaling for mental health and highly recommend everyone gives it a go!

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How To Do Bullet Journaling

What Are The Benefits Of Bullet Journaling?

Journaling is one of the cheapest and most fun forms of therapy and everyone should be dedicating at least ten to fifteen minutes a day to journaling. You get different types of journaling such as free writing where you just pour your heart out and have a conversation with yourself. It is amazing how many problems you can solve by putting your thoughts down on paper.

There is something really therapeutic about writing, especially when you are writing with a nice pen and a beautiful journal.

Everyone is going to journal in their own unique way that benefits them. Alison from The Papery likes structure when she journals, so she has a set way of doing her journals and she focuses very much on her monthly and daily goals, letting go of things that are not serving her,  what she can do to light up her soul, what her intentions are for the day and gratitude for the day.

Goals are always fantastic, they are a way of getting to where you need to be, however gratitude is just as important. It reminds us to be happy where we are and with what we have right now.

J0urnaling promotes well-being, it boosts your mood, increases your self-awareness, clears your mind from overwhelm and decreases stress and anxiety.

How To Get Started With Bullet Journaling

There will come a time in everyone’s life where they find the need to start journaling. Delia from The Papery started journaling in 2017 when she finished matric. It was a very difficult time in her life when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and anxiety, and everything felt like it was falling apart. Delia wrote a blog post on The Papery detailing how she made journaling a healthy habit in her life.

Every person has a different way of journaling and a different way of dealing with their emotions and problems in their life. It may take some time to find your way with journaling, here are some simple steps to start:

  1. Figure out WHY you need to be journaling – do you want to become more organized on a day to day basis or do you need a way to start working through overwhelming problems and emotions?
  2. Get a beautiful journal and supplies – as with starting anything new you need to get the goods to get started.
  3. Allocate time for journaling so you can make it a daily habit.
  4. Make it fun and exciting rather than a chore. Find a way to look forward to it and incorporate things that make you happy such as sit in the sun in the morning while you journal or choose your bed where you are comfortable and make sure to make a coffee or your favourite drink.
  5. Embrace your own style. Yes follow suggestions for inspiration if you are not sure how to get started but start to make journaling your own personal process. Remember there is no wrong and right way to journal. You might like to write in words and bullet points or perhaps you prefer to draw beautiful pictures or a combination of both, embrace what feels right for you and don’t compare yourself to what other people are doing.
The Papery Journals
The Papery’s beautiful journals

How Can Bullet Journaling Help You Stay Organised?

When you are feeling completely overwhelmed it can be hard to get organised and find a place to start. The following process can help you to overcome this overwhelm and start to get organised:

  1. Brain dump – take your journal and spew everything out of your head and into the journal. It can be the big things and all the little things that you need to get around to doing.
  2. Categorise – next group all of those items into categories, you can do this by highlighting things of the same category in the same colour or you can put a letter next to each item to show which category it goes into. You can separate them into home, kids, work and any other categories of things you need to do.
  3. Create new lists – after you have categorized everything create new lists for each category.
  4. Highlight things to tackle in each list – choose two to three things from each category to tackle. Look at the things that would make you feel better if you tackled them. Often what is overwhelming is not the entire list, it is one or two things that you keep pushing to the back of your to do list.
  5. Which of these things can you do right now? There might be something that will take only a few minutes to do and can be done immediately. Or perhaps if it will take a little longer to do you can schedule it into your diary within the next week so that you can tick all those highlighted items off your list by the end of the week.
  6. Group the rest of the items into batches and block out times into your diary under the batch headings so that it does not feel so overwhelming. Batching similar types of things makes it easier to get things done quicker than if you tackle one thing at a time and jump from one thing to the next.

Alison has created an ebook called Out Of Overhwelm which you can follow in more detail on this topic.

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About Alison Deary

Alison is a mom to four boys, her oldest son is 31 and her youngest is in matric. She loves being out in nature (especially being active), sunsets and sunrises, early morning swims in the sea and of course stationary, hence her business The Papery.  She has recently bought the Cotton Candi store.

About Delia Venter

Delia is an artist through and through which is the first thing that made her connect with The Papery because everything that they did centred with her and everything she does. Her first MOM Diary was given to her by her mom when she was in school to help her organize her life and she loved it. This is when she started bullet journaling for the first time.

About The Papery

The Papery is run by Alison and her brother Howard. They have an amazing team made up of Alison, Howard, Ruth (orders) and Delia (design and social media).

Their signature products are the MOM and WOW diaries that have been around for 11 years. They also do journals, paper and stationary products. They pride themselves in great services and quality, innovative products.

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    I also love journaling, it helps me to stay focused on my goals and keeps my life organised without everything becoming overwhelming.

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  3. I love it! Being a stay at home mom is hard work (but oh so rewarding), trying to do something for myself is almost non existend. Bullet Journaling will be something that will work for me at night, because once baby if fed, cleaned and in bed sleeping, and my husband is also fed, cleaned and asleep, I only have time at night to take a quick shower and have a breather, so bullet journaling will be the best fit for me…something to do to decompress. Thank you for sharing this. The Papery journals are just colourful and stunning

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