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Hart Cunningham For President US 2020 – First 5 Initiatives of 1000

Most of the world looked on in shock as Donald Trump went on to win the 2016 presidential elections. Since then I think it is safe to say that things have been just a little bit hairy. While it is quite common for a US president to be re-elected for a second term Trump is on rather shaky ground already, so it is much more likely that there will be a new president elected come 2020.

One of the results of Trump being elected president of the United States is that the 2020 elections have already resulted in a much larger group of potential presidential candidates than usual.

Hart Cunningham is one of the presidential candidates for 2020 and he is bringing out 1000 initiatives running up to the 2020 elections.

He is sharing these initiatives his Youtube channel:

Now while I am not an American the fact is that America is the dominant country when it comes to economic power. Let’s face it, the world watches America doesn’t it?

I personally love what Cunningham says about women’s rights .Yes women make great small business owners and we manage to do this while running a household and looking after our families too. Making it easier for women to start businesses and getting access to business finance is a great initiative. Being a mompreneur myself I love the fact that he is acknowledging the importance of mompreneurs and making it easier for us.

“Women make the best small business owners and we need to support that”

Hart Cunningham has been bringing up some really important issues such as global warming, the issue of nutrition and the fact that people are being poisoned by the things they eat, racial inequality and more.

What do you think of Hart Cunningham and what do you think of his initiatives?

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