Getting Around With Kids – Here Are Your Transport Options

One of the biggest deciding factors for where you choose to live and work is transport. When you have children it becomes an even bigger factor and it will also make an impact on where you choose to send your children to school.

There are many things that come into play when you are choosing the transport you will use, especially when you have children to take into account. You need to ensure that you reach your destination safely, in good time and at a reasonable cost.

Getting Around With Kids - Here Are Your Transport Options

Using Your Own Car

The most convenient way to travel, especially if you have children, is with your own vehicle. You will be able to come and go as you please without having to wait for transport and you won’t have to walk anywhere to get to your transport. You will also have a comfortable trip since you have plenty of space and you will be inside the car, protected from the elements such as rain and wind.

Of course purchasing a car is a huge expense and running a car is also costly. You will need to factor in servicing and repairs, the cost of new tyres and fuel.

You will also need to take out insurance for your own vehicle and third party insurance in the case of damaging another vehicle or property while you are driving.

If you have a baby you will need to purchase a baby car seat or a booster seat for an older child to ensure that your child is safe while driving.

Along with the costs associated with driving a vehicle, insuring it and kitting it out for transporting your kids, there is also often a cost associated with parking your car in certain areas. You may also struggle to find parking when you arrive at your destination which can be very challenging at times.

Taxis and Ubers

Using Taxis and Ubers is a great alternative to having your own vehicle. It offers many of the great advantages of having your own car while eliminating most of the disadvantages.

Using a taxi has the benefit of being picked up from your location and driven directly to your destination without making any unnecessary stops along the way. You will also not have the worry or expense of having to find a place to park your car.

The biggest downside to traveling by taxi is that the cost per trip is often quite high, however the cost is usually per trip and not per person so if you have children traveling with you the price per person is less than if you were alone. You can check RideGuru for different pricing options for taxis.

Traveling via taxi also means that you don’t have to struggle along with children, any luggage you may be carrying and other goods such as shopping bags since you are driven door to door and your luggage can go in the boot of the car.

There are many different types of taxis and rideshare options so make use of a website such as RideGuru to find the most suitable option.

Train Railway Tracks


Traveling by train is one of the cheapest transport options available. Many train companies also offer weekly and monthly tickets for different train lines so you can travel as much as you like in certain places for a set amount. This is especially useful for anyone that needs to move around a lot during their working hours. It is also easy to budget for your travel expenses since it is a set amount.

The downside of traveling by train is that you will need to make your own way to and from the train station which can be inconvenient and tiring, especially if you have children with you.

You are also at the mercy of the train company if they are running late – you may find yourself late for work or for meetings and your children may be late for school.

Trains can also become very packed and uncomfortable, particularly at rush hour. It is never fun being cramped in a train, add in some kids and it won’t be a very pleasant trip.



Traveling by bus is another cost effective way to travel and you are also often able to buy a weekly or monthly ticket. While you do have to find your own way to and from the bus stop the bus routes often cover a much wider area than the train routes.

Many people make use of trains and buses. A train to get to the general area and then a bus to get closer to the final destination. There are almost always buses that come to collect travelers from the train station so it is very convenient to make use of both modes of transport.

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