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5 Must Haves For A Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are all about maximizing space, while maintaining or increasing functionality. They are designed in such a way that they make the perfect space for family dinners and entertaining others. When you have a modern kitchen, you have something that not everyone else can have. It is the most luxurious products available, but can also be affordable if you choose wisely.

5 Must Haves For A Modern Kitchen

Here are five must haves for a modern kitchen that you should not overlook.

Upgrade Your Stove

We have certain appliances in our kitchen that are required to be there, if we want to call it a kitchen. Thanks to modern technology, you can have a high-tech kitchen if you choose. However, it is something simpler that you may enjoy in your kitchen area; especially if you love to grill. There are now stoves available have a grill built into them. They have the typical four burners, but between them, you have a fully functioning grill, which will enable you to eat healthier and never have to worry about the weather again. Your guests will be envious of you for having it in your home. If the idea of a grill does not appeal to you, then double ovens are also a great feature for a modern kitchen to have. It also makes it easier to prepare large holiday meals. Some people also enjoy the idea of keeping an air fryer or a convection oven around for convenience. If you are unsure of which type of stove you want in your kitchen; may give you a few ideas.

Mixing Dark with Contrasting Colors

Another easy way to give your kitchen a modern look is to update your cabinets so that they are made of darkened wood. You may think that dark wood is going to make your kitchen boring, but the opposite is true if you highlight it with contrasting colors. For instance, dark wood accented by stainless steel appliances. Dark, dull wood grain patterned cabinets above and below and countertop that is high gloss. You could even have built-in shelves that have recessed lighting in them accented by the darker colored wood. To ensure that the darkness doesn’t take over your kitchen area, you will want to make sure that you keep the walls lighter in color.

Open Shelves

Modern kitchens have no room for stuffy. Everything should be open so that you can show off your area and make it look larger. Cabinets with glass doors, open shelves where you store wine glasses or your fine china, and bookshelves for the cookbooks you have are all great options for a modern-day kitchen. Ideally, they will blend in with your cabinet colors, especially if you have dark cabinets, and they should continue the contrasting color scheme. As an idea, you can add lighting to where you store your wine glasses so that they sparkle.

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Wine Storage

If you have wine glasses around your kitchen, you will also want to have a place to store your wine. Wine storage units are the ideal temperature for wine at all times. They are affordable, and make your kitchen look more modern without you have to make any major changes to it. Some of these wine refrigerators are freestanding and others are designed to be put under a cabinet.

Put Kitchen Items on Display

Having a nice set of pots and pans hanging from hooks on the wall, above a window, or from the ceiling is always appealing to see. Therefore, if you have stainless steel cookware, you should show them off. You can also show off your beautiful, most used cooking utensils if they are steel or colored to match the rest of your kitchen decor.

Bringing It All Together

Modern kitchens are filled with personal touches. They should be everything you could want in a kitchen and more, but they should also be uncluttered. It is important that you show off the things that are worth showing off and hide the things that are not impressive. A coffee bar area set up in a kitchen for a coffee lover will be an expected upgrade, but having a trashcan sitting at the end of the island bar is not going to look good. You also may want to tuck away other things that you do not use often to ensure your modern style kitchen feels spacious. The thing you should keep in mind is that creating a modern kitchen does not have to cost a fortune. You simply have to stand back and look to see what it will take to bring it together and you will soon see the kitchen of your dreams.

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