Behind The Scenes 17 December 2021 – Finally Winding Down

I’m not sure about you but I am so happy it we are now full swing into the December holidays and able to take a break from school and all the end of year craziness that comes with the fourth term. I’m looking forward to quiet days on the beach with my family, sleeping late and lazy mornings.

Finally Winding Down

I’ve been moaning and groaning about how tough the last term of this year has been with so much going on and so little energy. Finally this week has felt like things have slowed down and I have been able to rest a bit. I’m feeling completely burnt out and in need of sleeping for a whole week.

On Thursday I got my all my Christmas shopping done and dusted. It was like a war zone at the West Coast Mall, in particular Checkers. Thankfully now I don’t have to go into the shops for anything and can use the Checkers Sixty60 app to get all our grocery delivered to our door until after the festive season.

I’m still going to be working through the festive season, just slowly and to get some of those things done that I could not tick off my to do list yet.

Nova Choc-Oh-Late

This week I received the most amazing hamper from Nova Choc-Oh-Late! We received loads of bars of chocolate, baking buttons and hot chocolate. I can’t wait to start baking some treats for the family.

I received it on Monday and tried not to eat any before the live video on Friday but the temptation was just too much and we started on a few bars of chocolate. I will be writing a review in the new year once we have sampled all of it. Keep an eye out for that review as there will be a giveaway for a hamper the same as the one I received with the exception that the baking buttons will be 150g (the ones I received are 500g).


I’ve been sharing a lot recently about making money online through Ysense by completing surveys and offers, and playing mobile games. While I’ve been with Ysense since 2015 I have never actually tried to find out the true earning potential over an extended period of time which I am now busy with.

I am so chuffed with my earnings and should have been working harder on this from the start! I’ve now got over 100 active referrals so my referral income has increased from 20% to 25%. My goal is now to reach 200 active referrals so I can earn the maximum referral commission of 30%.

I’ve also been qualifying for a lot more surveys. Clearly the more surveys you do impacts your trust factor and you are able to qualify for more. I wrote a review on Ysense a while back but I have learned so much more about it in the last month+ that I will be writing another post soon sharing tips on how to increase your earning potential on Ysense.

Click here to join Ysense.

Goodbye Judy

I have been having such an amazing time going live with Judy every Friday but she has decided not to continue the live videos with me. While the live videos every Friday morning work beautifully for me, it has become a strain on Judy since her son is much younger and she homeschools him. He starts Grade R in 2022 and she is going to need to spend more time and energy focusing on that as well as her own business projects.

Something that is amazing is that I have apparently cured her of her fear of video and she is going to be putting together a video series for her blog Fun Mamma SA. I can’t wait to follow that project of hers!

Thank you Judy for all the amazing chats, it has been so much fun working together.

I wish you all a fantastic week and will catch up with you live this Friday on my Facebook page.

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