Errand Girl

Errand Girl: A Busy Mom’s Saviour!

Browsing around Facebook a few days ago I came across Errand Girl. What caught my eye was a post by Carla Lewin Goldberg:

“We run errands for busy people who can’t get to do everything themselves. We can do the mundane things so you can free up some time for yourself and your family.”

That is all it took for me to click to have a look. Anyone that has been following my blogs knows that I struggle with finding balance and just being mom.

The idea of being able to write a to-do list and not have to actually do anything except email it off and it is considered done is quite frankly intensely appealing. Those trips to the pharmacy, those little errands that are just off the school route and the fact that it is just impossible to get everything done in a day no matter how hard I try. Maybe if I had the energy of my 1 yr old and 3 yr old combined, 48 hours in a day and I didn’t work I might be able to tick some items off my ever growing to-do list.

Chatting to Carla she told me how the business came about. Simply put it all came down to Carla needing to take her lawn mower in for repairs when she had too much to do and couldn’t face getting it done with her newborn baby and her 2 year old. Sound familiar?

She asked her sister to help her with that errand. Carla and her sister, Bernita, launched Errand Girl: doing all those things that us busy moms just don’t have the time, energy and/ or inclination to do.

I know if I was living in Cape Town I would’ve called them immediately and asked them to please sort out my dirty car. It’s one of those things I just can’t ever get to and my car is always dirty.

Running a business in Langebaan can be trying at times, especially since I can’t always get everything done from here. I often have to take a trip into Cape Town. This is always tricky no matter how I work it.

My options are:

  1. Take my kids with me on my business trip. This is nothing short of very disastrous and exhausting every time. A trip that would take 1 day alone will take 3-4 days. Everything takes 10 times as long to get done. I have to accommodate for melas, snacks, nappy changes, toilet trips, toddler tantrums and nap times. Business meetings with a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old are rarely very productive.
  2. Do a quick in and out trip in one day. This is also terrible and I leave these trips leaving me with a huge amount of things to get done in one trip. I am often in the car from 5am – 8pm rushing around trying to squeeze in as much as possible.
  3. Do an overnight trip alone. This really sounds appealing and I have done it a few times. The idea of having no kids and being able to have a mommy night off is wonderful. I can’t understand why I don’t do this more often. The truth is as much as I want to get away from my kids I struggle when I am not with them!

I’ll be working out my Cape Town to do list soon and sending it off to Errand Girl. Unless there is a business meeting I have to personally attend there is no way I will be doing these back and forth trips I have been subjecting myself to for the last 4 years!

Thank you for offering a unique service that I personally need!

What do you think of Errand Girl? Great idea and something you would use?

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  1. I wish Errand Girl lived in my hometown. I’m sure I would hire her at least once a week for some chore that needed to be done. I’m always running out of time or past due on some situation. I could really use a second set of hands around here to help mommy out. 😀

  2. I wish I should have her once so I can be always due in time

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