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13 Tips To Earn More With Ysense Online Surveys – How I’ve Earned $3800+ To Date!

I’ve been with Ysense since 2015 and I’ve been earning a bit here and there over the years from Ysense. Two months ago I decided to experiment and see the true earning potential of Ysense and I have been blown away. I’ve also learned more in the last 2 months about earning with Ysense than I have in the previous 6 years.

13 Tips To Earn More With Ysense Online Surveys - How I've Earned $3800+ To Date!

Ysense Review

I wrote a review on Ysense a while back and went in-depth into how Ysense works along with information on cashing out – please read that review for information on Ysense as this post is only going to focus on how to earn more with Ysense.

Ysense earnings December 2023
Ysense earnings December 2023

When I wrote my review a year+ ago I had earned about $1250 (appr R19811) in total. I’ve now passed the $3800 (appr R70 483) mark (updated December 2023). Yesterday I had my biggest earning for one day to date – $10.14 (appr R160) which is not bad at all for a side income that I can do in my spare time from home!

How To Earn More With Ysense

There are multiple ways to earn with Ysense. You can complete surveys and offers, play online games and refer others to Ysense to earn referral commission. I focus on all of these except for the offers since I find them very tedious and a lot of the offers involve signing up for external offers which does not appeal to me at all.

I make money through completing surveys, my kids playing games on my phone and referring others. I know a lot of people love the offers, that is personal choice. You can choose to earn in all of the ways possible or pick and choose which appeal to you. A question a lot of people have asked me is whether you have to refer others to earn and the answer is no, you don’t. You can earn and cash out without referring anyone. I only refer people to things that I personally love and use. If something is not appealing to me I don’t share about it.

Ysense highest earning day

Keep Trying Even When It Looks Like It Doesn’t Work

The first hurdle to earning with Ysense is qualifying for surveys. When I started with Ysense in 2015 I tried it out for a few days and then I wrote a negative review saying it was a time waster. Every time I tried to do a survey I was kicked out and I gave up. After writing a negative review a number of people that were succeeding with ysense contacted me and told me to keep trying because it does work.

In 2017 I went back and made sure to login to Ysense every morning and every evening for 2 weeks. It was very slow going and I managed to get a few surveys done. What I’ve come to realize is that Ysense members are given a trust factor. As you complete surveys your trust factor increases and you manage to qualify for more surveys. This means that qualifying in the beginning is going to be hard.

I recommend that even though you will feel like you are wasting your time and energy in the beginning keep at it until you have completed some surveys.

Most days I do at least two surveys and over time that adds up very nicely.

Survey Profile

Keep Your Profile Up To Date

Make sure that you keep your profile up to date and if anything changes make sure to update your profile with that information. Keeping your profile up to date will ensure that you are more likely to qualify for surveys that suit your profile and it will make sure that when you complete surveys the information that you enter matches the information on your profile.

Be Honest And Consistent In All Your Answers

There are real companies behind the surveys that are looking for information from specific target markets. If you do not match the specific target market you will not qualify for that survey. For example if a pet food company is looking for information they only want pet owners to answer their survey. If you do not have pets you will not qualify.

It is important to be honest with your answers and not try and give answers you think they are looking for so that you can qualify for the survey and earn. If you try and game the system you may find that surveys will not be available for you in future or your account may be blocked.

Honest answers

Stick To The Rules

As per the information above it is very important that you stay honest and consistent with your answers in surveys. It is also important that you stick to any rules on the platform.

A very important rule is that you are not allowed to share any of the information in surveys with anyone. This includes screenshots of survey questions or sharing the answers for qualifying for a survey. Breaking rules can put your account in jeopardy.

Ysense Addon

Download The Ysense Addon

Downloading the Ysense Addon extension to your desktop web browser is important to earning more with Ysense. The first reason is that you will be notified immediately when new opportunities are available. You can change the settings to be notified only of the opportunities you are interested in. For example I am only interested in surveys and not offers so I have the offers turned off and the survey opportunities turned on.

The second reason you want to download the Ysense Addon extension is that you can earn higher checklist bonuses by having the Addon extension.

Ysense App

Download The Ysense App

I have been with Ysense since 2015 yet only downloaded the Ysense app in November. Honestly I’ve been kicking myself for taking so long to do it. I did not know that having the app increases your ability to earn big time.

Firstly it is clear to me that while some surveys are the same on the app and the website there are some surveys that are only on the website and some that are only available on the app. I’ve lost out on so many opportunities to earn without knowing it.

Secondly the app gives me the ability to complete surveys when I am not sitting at my desk.

Thirdly the app gives the opportunity to earn through playing mobile games – this is not available on the website. I had no idea this option existed until recently.

Please take note that if you have a Huawei you will need Gspace to be able to access the Ysense app on Google Play.

Check Multiple Times A Day

New surveys become available all the time and checking in regularly means I am able to qualify for more surveys. I now check the website and the app regularly throughout the day to see if something new has been added.

Be Quick To Do Surveys

There is a limit to the number of respondents they need for each survey so if you are quick to get to the surveys you will have a better chance of being able to qualify. Having the Addon extension helps you get notified quicker as does having the app. If you also check in regularly it helps to get to surveys quicker.

Don’t Rush The Survey Questions And Read Them Properly

Almost every survey will have quality check questions to ensure that you are reading and answering the surveys carefully. If you rush and don’t pay attention you may find that you start being disqualified from surveys and that your quality score goes down which affects how many opportunities you receive.

Daily Poll

Do The Daily Poll

The daily poll is a guaranteed $0.01 per day poll. A new one is available every day and it takes just a second to complete. It is one question with a multiple choice answer. While $0.01 is not much you can earn this every single day without fail. To access this poll top the bottom of the survey page.

Play online games for money

Play Online Games

Like I said earlier in my post I had no idea this existed until two months ago and it has been such a pleasant surprise finding this way to earn. While I’m not big on mobile games my kids LOVE them and they are usually not allowed to touch my phone since I use it for work and I prefer it in one piece. Since adding this way of earning they are loving having the opportunity to use my phone to play games and of course it increases my earnings so I am happy too.

Earning through playing games can only be done through the Ysense app on your mobile. From the survey section in the app click on “Discover” on the bottom right, then click on “Playtime rewards” on the top right. You will then find a list of mobile games you can download to play and earn. The first time you access this they will ask you to connect to track which is needed to track your earnings.

Each game has an earning amount for a certain amount of time played. Each time you earn an amount from that game the time you need to play to earn again increases a bit. There is also a limit to the total earning amount for each game.

What I do to manage this is to download a few games that earn and I add it to a folder on my phone for my kids to access. Every now and then I check my Ysense app for games that are no longer earning. I uninstall those games and download some more.

Click here to read more information about earning through playing games on Ysense.

Streak bonus and checklist

Aim For Your Checklist Bonus And Streak

There is a daily checklist bonus as well as a streak bonus. If you complete 2 surveys or 2 offers in a day you will earn your checklist bonus. having the Addon extension that I mentioned above will then increase the amount of your checklist bonus. If you manage to complete your checklist bonus for 3 days or more in a row you also earn a streak bonus.

Ysense Referrals

Refer People To Ysense

One of the ways that I make money through Ysense is to share about it with everyone and when people sign up under me and start earning I earn referral commission. You will earn 20% referral commission until you have 100 active referrals (referrals that have been active in the last 30 days). When you have 100 active referrals you will start earning 25% commission. When you reach 200 active referrals you will start earning the maximum of 30% referral commission.

You will also received a $0.30 bonus for every referral that becomes active as well as a $2.00 bonus when your new referrals earn their first $5.00 through Ysense.

I hope that these pointers to earn more with Ysense helps you to boost your online earnings and helps you better understand how the Ysense platform works. Good luck earning more and if you have any questions please pop them in the comments below so I can help you.

Click here to sign up for Ysense.

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  1. Being honest and consistent is what stands out for me, that is very important. For the first time I’m getting to do surveys that is more than $1 and it literally took less than 5 minutes for each one of those. I was so amazed and when I see them, I get so excited lol.

    • I’m so happy that it is working out so well for you Jill. Yes consistency is certainly key when it comes to this. I see that the more regularly I check in and try for surveys the more I am qualifying for. I’ve been with them for years and earning bits and pieces here and there but now that I am seeing the potential I am kicking myself for not putting in more effort. Imagine I started working hard at it in 2015 what my earnings to date would be?

      • Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been signed up with so many survey platforms and I always feel none of it actually works. I’ll give Ysense a go and keep at it

  2. You have no idea what this mean to its a huge help and I don’t need to do much just surveys ect I have gain so much in a few days your tips make me wiser how it works because I struggle the beginning

    • The surveys are great and I am so glad that you are earning already from it. Plus you will find that you qualify for more surveys over time as your quality score goes up!

  3. A app that im so greatfull for and hav so much to thank you

  4. Aneesa Stuurman

    Thank you I will be trying?

  5. I’ve been looking for e tra income to do at home, but never had validation from another reliable source. Thank you for this blogpost hun, I’ve just signed up. Fingers crossed!

    • It’s a pleasure! It is a pain when you first get started – just inbox me on my Facebook page if you have any questions!

  6. Monique Delcarme-Adams

    hard work and dededication makes those $$$$

  7. Awesome tips thank you. I shall most definitely contact you if I get stuck again.

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