Charlies Brewhouse

Charlie’s Brewhouse Review

I’ve been wanting to try out Charlies Brewhouse for a long time and recently I went for a Body Stress Release session in Port Owen giving me the opportunity to go there for lunch afterwards with my kids and mother in law. I had heard only good things about Charlie’s Brewhouse and I recently found out the Charlie’s Brewhouse is owned by the same people that own Russells On The Port, where my husband and I enjoyed a lovely 10th year wedding anniversary dinner this year.

Charlies Brewhouse Review

The menu at Charlie’s Brewhouse is lovely, offering a choice of pizzas, bar snacks, seafood, ribs, steak, chicken dishes, toasted sandwiches, salads, pastas, kids meals and desserts. It was hard deciding what to eat!

Mushroom and Pea Pasta
Mushroom Pasta

I went with the mushroom pasta which also had peas and baby marrow in it. It was delicious and what a huge portion size. I only managed to eat a quarter of it and had plenty to take home to eat over the next few days! I loved the little bits of grilled cheese bits that were added in.

Kids Burger and Chips
Kids Burger and Chips

My son went for the kiddies burger and honestly there was nothing “kiddie” about the size of this burger! I sampled a bit of it and it was lovely. My son rated it highly and he is a big time burger lover. He could not finish it and brought home a doggy bag to eat later in the day. To my horror when I opened up his container when we were home he had packaged the tomato sauce complete with the dish it came in. Sorry Charlie’s, I swear I will get it back to you. #Facepalm moment there.

Bacon Feta Pizza
Bacon Feta and Avo Pizza

My daughter had the bacon, feta and avo pizza which was lovely. It had plenty of cheese and no shortage of toppings. I sampled a slice and it was amazing. I’m big time fussy when it comes to pizza and this one was perfect. It was also too much for my daughter to finish so she also took a doggie bag. Thankfully not taking any of the restaurant’s supplies with her like my son.

Chicken Liver Parfait
Chicken Liver Parfait

My mother in law chose the Chicken Liver Parfait, which comes with homemade bread. She said it was lovely and she has eaten it before at Charlie’s Brewhouse. I did not sample this dish since I don’t eat liver.

We had a lovely lunch with everyone happy with their meals. The waiter was friendly and gave us great service. All in all a lovely outing for everyone.

The Main Behind The Meals

When my husband told me about Charlie’s he mentioned the Chef, Lovemore, and his exact words were “that man can cook” and he was so right! Not only is he a darn good cook, he is a lovely person that is friendly and even joined me for a quick selfie. Thank you for a lovely experience Lovemore.

Chef Lovemore
Charlie’s Chef, Lovemore

For more videos and photos of our lunch at Charlies Brewhouse check out my Instagram story highlight Charlies.

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  1. Wow sounds amazing

  2. Congratulations 🎉 on your 10th anniversary 🎊
    I must admit there food food looks divine your daughter had my favourite pizza that my standard order for pizza..but I’ll definitely make a stop at Charlie’s on my Jan holiday

  3. Firstly congratulations on your 10tb year anniversary. You surely did have fun. Hope I will go the in Jan because we having a holiday there

  4. Looks like a must try!!

  5. Looks delicious 😋!!!!

    • This sounds amazing a must try
      I totally understand your excitement of not knowing what to take cz everything sounds delicious and yummy

  6. This sounds amazing a must try
    I totally understand your excitement of not knowing what to take cz everything sounds delicious and yummy

  7. wow Lynne, all these meals look delicious will definitely have this on my bucketlist. What are their prices like? That burger looks big for a kiddies burger im shocked

  8. Sounds heavenly 🤗

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