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Bennet Schwartz Shares 6 Ways To Keep Your Mompreneur Business Current

One of the best things about entrepreneurship is that you have the flexibility to define your own career path especially for moms that want to re-enter the workforce or those seeking a different career path, or simply want to keep up with the latest trends to keep their mompreneur business current. Many moms want to transform their passions into a business. They are often eager to begin, but don’t know where to start or the thought of taking the plunge is somewhat overwhelming.

We as moms often overthink and are too worried about the what ifs. Life as a mompreneur can be challenging and when your energy is redirected it can influence everyone that is dependent on you.  But have a look at these six ways to keep your mompreneur business current, shared by Bennet Schwartz.

6 Ways To Keep Your Mompreneur Business Current

Get The Family Onboard

This can present a challenge. When mom’s focus and schedule changes in any way, everyone must get onboard. You might be the CEO of your home business, but you still have to run a household. Never underestimate the resilience you might encounter from the kids and your partner. Delegate age-appropriate tasks to your kids and hubby and let everyone pitch in. This will give you time to get some work done and focus on keeping your business current to boost traffic and generate more sales.

Your Audience

Figuring out your targeted audience may seem trivial, but it is essential to reach the customers that you want to sell your product or services to. Begin by assessing the service or product you’re offering. Does it offer something fresh or different and who is it going to benefit the most? How does it solve a client or consumer’s problems? Also look at competitors and who their customers are. What content are they creating and where do they advertise their services/products? How does your service/product compare to theirs? Other things to think about are the demographics (age, education, location, gender, etc) and audience psychographics (interests, lifestyle, hobbies, etc) and create content accordingly.

Your Website

Users can be impatient and inconsistent, and if your website is poorly designed, loads slowly, or is hard to navigate, they are most likely not going to stick around for long, nor will they return. You must have a well-designed website with appropriate and quality content which will give you high search rankings. Which brings us to the next point.


Content is everything when it comes to SEO. Quality content is how you entice users to visit your site, keeping them engaged to stay longer and subsequently converting them into clients/customers. Plus, you receive the added benefit of lessened bounce rates, more substantial conversion ratios, and a more favourable search engine ranking.

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If you have a limited budget, you can learn the basics of SEO yourself. Make sure every page of your website has meta descriptions and page titles that are relevant to the content of the pages. Also incorporate targeted keywords that users click on that leads them to your website. This is an effective way for visitors to access your internal web pages that are designed for generating your anticipated outcome.

Off Page and On Page SEO

On Page SEO involves everything that you can do from your side to control content, graphics,  web design layout, site navigation, etc. Off page SEO involves the process of getting other websites to link back (backlinks) to your site and showing search engines that you have high quality content that is worth ranking and indexing.

Promotion / Marketing

The best way to begin is by submitting your website to a search engine, identifying the most relevant directories for your company sector and including your business information there.  Get listed in the local business directories and be sure to add your company name, address, and phone number correctly (NAP) and persistently on every one of them.

These details are referred to as citations and they count as backlinks which will assist your business with getting indexed and ranked by search engines. Also spread the news across all social media platforms and media outlets. Create content and push it out on a daily or weekly basis to start developing and nurturing relationships with your targeted audience.


I hope that you have found this post informational and helpful. Incorporating these six ways to keep your mompreneur business current will definitely help your business getting noticed online, no matter if you are a start-up or have an established blog or business.

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