Behind The Scenes 22 July 2022 – So Glad It’s Back To School

I’m so glad it was back to school this week! It has been an absolute pleasure having peace and quiet in the house and being able to work without disruption. It also really helped that the loadshedding was not so extreme.

Watch The Replay Of My Facebook Live Video – Behind The Scenes 22 July 2022

You can watch the replay of my live video on Facebook (below) or in the Youtube video above the post.

Chess Tournament This Weekend

We’ve got another chess tournament this weekend in Vanrhynsdorp. So this is going to involve traveling and staying overnight since I am not prepared to leave at 4am in the morning to get there on time. We are sleeping over at Lemoenkloof Farm in Klawer so that the drive will only be 20 minutes in the morning so we can leave at 7am.

It is the first half of the last West Coast Top Schools tournament that will be continued next weekend in Langebaan. If my son’s team comes in the top 2 for this tournament they get into the Western Cape tournament.

The R100 Game

I did an experiment with my kids this week and it blew me away. We’ve been working on a rewards system for my kids and while it has been a fantastic tool so far I’ve become so exhausted constantly telling my kids to pick up after themselves and to do what needs to be done.

First thing in the morning I told them I was going to give them each R100 at the end of the day. They were super chuffed… until I told them the rules. I told them that every time I saw something of theirs lying around the house I would deduct R5 and every time they didn’t do something they were supposed to do I would deduct R5. I also told them that if they work through the entire R100 that R5 would still be deducted and at the end of the day they could land up owing me money.

I thought not only that my money would be safe, but I would probably land up earning R100 from each of them by bedtime. However they surprised me big time. My daughter finished the day with R100 and my son with R95.

What I have learned from this is that my kids do actually have the ability to think for themselves and to be conscious of what they are doing.

The rewards system I had in place has been abolished and I am now giving them a set amount of pocket money each month with the R5 rule. So far it is working out beautifully. No more begging them to brush their teeth, unpack their bags after school, or take their plates to the kitchen!

Majorette Tune Ups Series 2

My son is still loving his Majorette Tune Ups Series 2 cars and is planning on taking them to school to show his friends at the next show and tell. I’ve now written my review on my website along with a giveaway to win 6 cars for your child. Click here to read the review and enter the competition.

Best Lasagne Ever

I recently made the best lasagne I’ve ever eaten and I am super chuffed with the recipe! I have added the recipe to my blog, however it is very expensive to make so I am going to be trying out some different variations to keep the fantastic taste while lowering the cost. Click here to check out the recipe.

Website Giveaways

I’ve got a number of awesome competitions in South Africa running on my website, here are all the current giveaways:

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