All You Need To Know About Australia’s Permanent Stay Visas

Most countries are closing boarders, locking down and, slowly becoming much harder to visit, or to move to if that is what you had in mind. Needless to say, it is refreshing and somewhat of a surprise to learn that Australia is offering permanent residency visas to those who meet the requirements. If you have ever been to a country that only offers short term stay visas and, the hassle you have to go through in order to get one or, extend it, then you will be more than amazed at what Australia offers immigrants when it comes to visas and packages to ensure a decent style of living. Here are a few of the main enticements which provide pretty solid reasons to up sticks and move;

Easy Migration Makes You Feel Welcome

When taking a look at the list of criteria and benefits to be had when moving to Australia along with how easy the process appears it really does look like Australia are inviting people to come and stay hassle free. Some countries have such stringent visa processes and immigration requirements it can, at times feel that you are on a never ending merry go round designed to make your stay less pleasurable. 

Having a system that makes your life as easy and, stress free as possible must be one of the main reasons that Australia is one of the most desirable countries to migrate to, that along with the weather, scenery and depending on where you are located, the beaches are like something from a movie.


Naturally, there is a list of criteria that have to meet in order to be successful for one of their country permanent residency visas, so, as long as you can tick these expectations off of your to do list then you should be pretty much ready to go;

Visas – There are three visas suitable for migrants looking to obtain permanent working rights, the first two are types 457 and 482, they are classed as transition stream visas. The 457 and 482 are essentially, ‘stepping stones’ for want of a better expression, towards obtaining the Australian direct entry 186 visa, the 186 visa can also be applied for directly if you meet the requirements.

Requirements – Generally speaking, applicants for all 3 visas should be;

  • Under 45 years of age to make the process as smooth as possible. You can apply after the age of 45 but it starts to become a bit trickier in terms of what you have to offer. 
  • Applicants must have at least 3 years of relevant experience in the field of employment that they are looking to work in and have their finances in order. 
  • Must be a fluent speaker/writer of the English language. There are some tests to do, although, interestingly enough, if you don’t quite hit the mark there is a link to help you improve your English score.
  • Must have be nominated by an employer who is willing to ‘sponsor’ your application

Take a leap of faith

If you are keen to find out more about how it all works and, to see if you are eligible, you could speak with a local agent. Agents are great because, they deal with these processes’ day in, day out and, usually can get you what you need one way or another.

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