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7 Signs The Freelance Life Is Made For You

Some people have a steady day job and they are earning quite well, but they are not happy on the inside, because they want for their life something more than a nine-to-five job. If you find yourself in this scenario then there are great chances you to have already checked the advantages you will have if you will switch for a freelancing job. If you have taken it a step further, then you have probably started your part-time freelancing career, you had a few projects and you are excited that you can replace your current income with one from freelancing.

If you choose this career, you will not have to leave your house early in the morning to be at the office at 9, you will not have to follow a dress code, you will not have to work long hours, and you will not have to deal with a demanding boss. And the greatest advantage is that you have the opportunity to do something you love. But, before quitting your job you should check the signs to make sure that the freelancing career is the right one for you.

7 Signs The Freelancer Lifestyle Is Made For You

1.     You are constantly checking your watch

This is one of the easy signs to spot. When at the office you find difficult to focus 100% on your task and you are constantly checking your watch. Sometimes you are doing it for a reason, but in the majority of cases, you are eager to go on the lunch break or to go home.

2.     You are unhappy with your job

You not only that are eager to get out of the office, but you are also constantly finding excuses to be late in the morning and to leave before 5. If you do this then subconsciously you are ready for a new job, and if you do not want to look for a new position listed by another company then you are ready for a freelancing career. People are usually unhappy with their jobs because they have to perform the same monotonous duties every day. Freelancing is the best form of escapism in this case.

3.     You are not productive at your current job

If you will ask your friends, they will probably tell you that you do not leave your day job because you have decided one day that you no longer like it. But if you have reached a moment when you have stopped being productive, when you have no motivation and when you no longer care about the goals of the company, then the best thing you can do is to leave.

When at the office you have to maintain the same fixed position at your desk for multiple hours. You already know that this is one of the main factors that lead to health problems, and you want to get away from an office desk as soon as possible. If you cherish the moments when you have to go to the photocopier or to the washroom then you should search for a job opportunity that allows you to be more active.

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4.     You have enough money saved to live decently even if you do not have a full-time job

If your bank account is empty then you should not even consider the option of leaving your current job. But if you have decent savings and you can rely on them for 6 months or a year then you can try freelancing to see how this works for you. It is important for you to have savings until your freelancing career will take off because in the majority of cases it takes a few months to earn loyal clients.

5.     You are already collaborating with clients

You should know from the beginning that when it comes to freelancing there are times when you have loads of work and there are times when you have few projects or no projects at all. Your savings will serve you as a financial buffer on these moments.

Be aware that the moment when you will leave your job your income will stop. Resign from your current job when you already have a few clients with returning projects and you can rely on the income you get from them. For example, if you are collaborating with software development companies as a freelancer you can have a peace of mind because you will have a constant income. Having some savings and a few clients will help you have a stress-free transition period.

6.     You are a pro in your field

If you want to have success as a freelancer, you need experience in your field. If you have already established your reputation as a pro in the industry you are working then you have higher chances to get clients and to grow income. As a new freelancer, you are entering a competitive market and the biggest advantage you can have when looking for clients is that they consider you an expert in the field.

If you already have the reputation of being great at what you do, you will have no issues in convincing people to work with you. Offer detailed information about your experience and the projects you have successfully finished when you are building your portfolio.

7.     Your family and friends support you in your choice

Let’s face it, the most difficult part of the process is to share with your partner the fact that you are considering the option of resigning your job. You are afraid that they will not agree with your decision. Freelancing implies taking a risk; you have chances to experience financial difficulties. Even if you will not have a nine-to-five program, you will still have to spend a huge part of your day working. You will decide on the timeframe but this activity demands multiple hours a day in order to earn enough money.

You will have to make sure that your partner and your friends understand this aspect, and they respect the fact that you want to devote yourself to freelancing. Their support is essential in succeeding in your goals. Your personal life should not become a milestone in your freelancing career; it should empower you to follow your dreams.

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