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6 Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding

One of the big choices each new mother needs to make is how to feed her baby – bottle or breast? Here are some things you need to know about breastfeeding to make the best choice.

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6 Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding

  1. It is super healthy for babies and convenient

Breast milk contains powerful antibodies and babies who are breast fed have a lower chance of getting colds, flu and ear infections. Nursing is also convenient, as you can breastfeed your baby whenever and wherever you want whenever she is hungry.

  1. Nursing is beneficial for Moms too

Not only is Breastfeeding an excellent bonding experience, it also releases beneficial hormones including:

  1. It’s not always easy

Nursing may be tricky to master during those first few days, trying to get baby to latch correctly and your nipples may feel sore and tender in the beginning. Consider taking breastfeeding classes while pregnant or ask the nurses at the Hospital to help you with any questions that you may have. Read about some of the surprising things that no-one tells you about breastfeeding here.

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  1. Saving money

You can save a lot of money on baby formula when nursing which can rather be used for nappies or baby essentials. Having a baby does not come cheap and you’ll soon realize that every bit of saving can go a long way.

Nursing Baby

  1. Taking care of yourself

It’s vital to take good care of yourself as you are currently your baby’s food supply.

  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Make sure you get enough calcium intake.
  • It’s essential to get at least 300 -500 calories extra per day.
  • Try to relax as stress can influence your milk supply.

  1. Pumping

Pumping can encourage milk supply, plus if you have to return to work you can express milk and freeze extra milk for feeds. You can also get Dad more involved by letting him do some of the feeds.

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  1. I absolutely loved breastfeeding my daughter but it was really difficult during the first week or so, it’s really important to get help and not struggle on your own or give up.
    I pumped milk to so my husband could help and this worked so well, he didn’t feel redundant and it gave me a break. we had a stock in the freezer!

    great article this will help so many new mums.


    • Lynne Huysamen

      Oh my word yes Amy, the first few weeks breastfeeding as a new mom is not easy! I also struggled so much and I also expressed some milk for hubby so I could get a break and he loved feeding her!

  2. Hi, Lynne,

    I got this understanding that breastfeeding is best for babies from my mother (she fed all of 3 of us that way) and when I was pregnant, I wanted 100% to breastfeed my baby.

    I am so happy that I managed to do it, I totally loved the process (although it was difficult at the beginning with my hidden nipples and also, I had an issue with one of my breast channels being clogged).

    Thank you for taking the time to put together these tips, I found them to be very helpful!

    Best Wishes,


    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes breastfeeding is amazing and not just for the nutrition, it is a fantastic bonding experience for mom and baby too! It’s so common for new moms to struggle ❤

  3. sandy n vyjay

    This is such an important fact that every young mom needs to be aware of it. Breastfeeding is a nature’s gift to the baby and the mother too. It is of course, medically proven now, that breastfeeding is the best for babies, and is essential for its proper growth and immunity building.

  4. Breastfeeding is best for both the mother and the child on so many counts. I had trouble initially but then there was the challenge of excess milk production, so had to express it with pump.
    This are great pointers for new mothers!

  5. Excellent points, Lynne. Breastfeeding is a lifetime gift a mom gives her baby. Health benefits for both baby and mom, plus wonderful bonding time, it’s a win win. I breastfed my son for almost two years and I’m glad i was able to. Never used a pump, didn’t need to as i was home on a work sabbatical.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      That is a fantastic achievement Vidya! I managed 6 months with my first baby and 13 months with my second baby. I did use a breast pump but not really to express and store milk. I did it to increase my milk supply quicker!

  6. Marizaan Reynolds

    Great tips for new mommies.
    I breastfed my daughter for 8 months, (mixed feed)
    But if I knew what I know now, we couldve exclusive breastfed and for much longer….
    I am breastfeeding my boy, 16 months already, and with no end in sight.

    With the correct information, and help any mom can breastfeed with ease

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I had the exact same experience Marizaan, I was so worried that my daughter was not getting enough milk that I started topping up her feeds with formula and the result was that she was a formula baby by 6 months old. I knew better with my second and breastfed him exclusively until 13 months. He never had a bottle!

  7. Thanks for the blog! Is there maybe a blog to read about breasfeeding toddlers?

  8. I hope that I will be able to breastfeed. My mom couldn’t due to a condition all three of her babies had with our tongues. Hopefully my husband’s gene pool will eradicate the problem. Also, both my eldest sister and I were allergic to formula and had to be fed even more expensive alternatives.

    • Karen my mother was not able to feed me or either of my sisters. My older sister was not able to breastfeed but I managed to breastfeed both my babies. Ok I struggled a lot with my first born and I only managed to breastfeed her until she was 6 months old but my son I breastfed exclusively until he was 13 months old.

      When my milk came in at the hospital I was so surprised and excited, I was convinced that due to my mom and sister not being able to that I would follow in their footsteps. I wish you lots of success with breastfeeding.

  9. I have 3 kids , my girls both breastfed until they were 2 and a half years. Baby is now 7 weeks and he is also exclusively breastfed.

  10. I love breastfeeding my girl and our bonding time but there is that flaw,biting. The biting is painful to a point where I have to stick my finger in her mouth to remove my nipple.ouch!!😂😂

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