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4 Tips for Women on How to Empower Yourself in the Workplace

Women in general have all been treated unequally or told that they cannot do something because they are female. We have all felt emotionally, mentally, or physically helpless because of a man. 

Emotional, physical, or sexual harassment, unequal career opportunities or pay, and being called names for being assertive, are all by-products of the male dominated culture. But it does not have to stay this way. Here are 4 Tips for women on how to empower yourself in the workplace.

4 Tips for Women on How to Empower Yourself in the Workplace

4 Tips for Women on How to Empower Yourself in the Workplace

Standing up For Yourself

This has been especially difficult for women since we were taught from a young age to not express negative feelings, to be ladylike and keep our opinions to ourselves. Woman who come off as being too assertive or outspoken are often called names or labelled as being unstable or lazy. It might be challenging to voice your opinion at first, but it is important to let people know that you are not a doormat.

Knowledge is Power

Nancy Etz strives to provide women with the tools they need to empower themselves by offering them scholarships that will help them with succeeding and furthering their careers. There are many careers that are predominantly male orientated, but it does not mean you cannot follow the same career path. Knowledge is power. Many women attend college and pursue the career paths of their choice even if it is dominated by mostly male employees. 

Think Empowering and Constructive Thoughts

In order to feel empowered, you need to think empowering thoughts. It is all about identifying and catching destructive thoughts when they occur and consciously making an effort to substitute them with constructive and empowering ones. The mind is a powerful weapon, and genuinely believing that you are powerful, means you will become powerful. It is the simple act of shifting thought patterns into positive ones. It is essential to remain positive and believe in your abilities.

Choosing to Not Being a Victim but a Warrior Instead

Another vital mental shift is choosing not to be a victim, but a warrior instead. An empowered woman takes her power back and shifts her mind frame and thoughts from prey to predator. A victim feels helpless whereas a warrior is a go-getter and can tackle any obstacle in her way. Empowerment is about taking charge of your life, learning from a situation, and transforming it into something constructive and positive even if you feel victimized. No matter how helpless you feel, remember that you have a choice in the matter.

Empowering Other Women by Giving Back

Empowering women support others and stand together. Even if it involves finding your voice and sharing your story can be empowering to other women. It could inspire strength in someone and encourage them to bring forth change and accomplishing their goals.


I hope that you have found these 4 tips for women to empower yourself in the workplace useful and that it will help you in becoming an empowered woman that is not afraid to stand up for yourself and gain success no matter which career path you have chosen. 

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