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7 Side Hustle Ideas for Crafty Moms

The best thing about earning extra money on the side when doing hobbies or crafts, is being able to do something that you love while doing so. No one wants to do a hobby that they are not enjoying or end up feeling like extra work. The whole idea is to have fun by doing something that makes you feel inspired while relaxing and have the potential of supplementing your monthly income. Have a look at these side hustle ideas for crafty Moms.

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7 Side Hustle Ideas for Crafty Moms

Side hustle ideas for crafty Moms:

  1. Blogging

If you have a way with words and you have something to say about things that you feel passionate about, whether it is about parenthood, personal finances or tips on how to save money while shopping for baby essentials or groceries, then you should consider blogging.

Blogging is the perfect platform to be yourself and to make money at the same time. You can start out simple and first focus on writing good content. As your group of followers get bigger and your website traffic increases, you can expand and start earning extra money with passive income. Great ways of doing this are by adding affiliated links, sponsored posts or advertisements to your blog posts. Every time someone clicks on the links and register or buy a product on the sponsor’s website, you can earn commission. This means you can earn money while you are asleep or out doing shopping.

  1. Baking

Not everyone can create delicate and tasty baked treats in the kitchen. If you love whipping up beautiful cakes, scrumptious cookies or enjoy decorating cupcakes in an extraordinary way, then this might be the perfect hobby to turn into a side hustle.  Why not take photos of your work and advertise it on social media or on the notice board of your local grocer or supermarket? Lots of people prefer homemade baked goods over store bought items. Once you’ve managed to build up a good reputation, you can generate more sales through word of mouth. 

Beading making jewellery

  1. Beading

Making jewellery and other hand-crafted products with beads are an excellent way of earning extra money on the side. The market for handcrafted and unique jewellery pieces has increased considerably over the past few years. There are plenty of books and YouTube videos at your disposal showing you step by step how to create beautiful items. There are also plenty of outlets where you can sell your items. You can advertise on social media or on online platforms such as etsy, and at local flea markets. If you don’t like selling your crafts face to face, you can contact local boutique’s or independent small craft shops to showcase your creations on consignment and earn money as they are sold.

Crochet purple wool

  1. Crocheting or knitting

Relaxation are linked to lower blood pressure, heart rate and the prevention of illness. The repetitive movements of crocheting or knitting have a calming effect which are useful in treating anxiety, asthma and panic attacks. These techniques have even been used with managing disruptive behaviour and ADHD in children.

Whether your granny or mother taught you how to crochet or knit when you were a little girl or taking up this hobby at a later stage in life, it goes without saying that these hobbies can become very lucrative once you start selling your products online, on social media platforms or at your local flea market. There is a huge market out there for homemade crocheted or knitted baby blankets, toys and clothing.  The Granny square crocheted blankets are one of the biggest attractions even in this modern day and age. Another great benefit of yarn crafting is the vast number of social groups found on social platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. You can communicate with like minded people and ask them questions or advice and even share your creations with them.

  1. Felting projects

If you are looking for a new craft idea or hobby that is not difficult to master, then dry felting or needle felting is the way to go.

Making characters or animals by using felt has become very popular specifically for children’s party’s, room decor for children’s rooms such as baby mobile’s and making children’s toys. The materials are reasonable priced, and you can really let your imagination run wild and get your creative juices flowing when creating the themed characters.

Felting crafts

  1. Mosaic tile craft

This is a fascinating craft idea. Improvised tile and mosaic tile can be bought at building material stores, construction dumpsters or lawn and garden stores.

Buying vitreous glass or recycled glass tile can be obtained at a cheaper rate and are perfect when considering the time spent on preparing or reclaiming material to use for mosaic work.

There are so many images and ideas available online and on Pinterest when you need inspiration to create mosaic tile creations.

From decorating coffee tables, to making family crests and wall hangings or decorating garden paths, the possibilities are endless. You can even make beautiful wind chimes or door frame room dividers. Once you’ve become a professional, you can exhibit your crafts at local flea markets or share photos on social media. 

  1. Restoration/refinishing of old furniture

If you enjoy fixing old furniture or stripping them of their original finish and creating something new, then this is the perfect side hustle for you.

Finding old furniture at yard sales, auctions and estate sales and then restoring them to their former glory or refinishing them into something completely new, can be very fulfilling and a lucrative side hustle.

Just by keeping your eyes open and finding old pieces of furniture that other people throw out as junk can be a golden opportunity for you to transform them into pieces of art.

Estate sales and auctions are listed in the classified section of your local newspaper and it’s well worth it to pay them a visit, as you can pick them up at bargain prices. 


Crafting is beneficial to our well-being because creating something beautiful while using self-expression makes us feel productive and provides a useful way of sharing our gift with others. There are numerous health and mental benefits associated with crafting. The best thing about crafting is that you can get very good at it in a small amount of time. Moms are the foundation of every household and often put their families and homes before themselves. Being able to supplement your monthly income while doing something that relaxes you and that you are feeling passionate about, can boost your confidence and leave you with extra money every month to spoil yourself. There many side hustle ideas available for crafty Moms. It is up to you to find the right one that suits you best.

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