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13 Awesome Breastfeeding Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If mommy to be plans to breastfeed her baby then breastfeeding gifts that will help her with her breastfeeding journey as well as motivate her when she is feeling down will be the perfect baby shower gifts for your loved one.

Breastfeeding is not always easy and anything that can make the journey easier for mom will be a lifesaver. You can choose a practical gift from the best breastfeeding products for new breastfeeding moms or you can choose a gift that will be more along the lines of nice to haves that most mommies won’t buy for themselves!

Here are some lovely breastfeeding inspired baby shower gifts.

13 Awesome Breastfeeding Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Silicone Teething Necklace

This silicone teething necklace is beautiful and stylish with 7 different color choices available. This will make mommy look great and give baby something to play with while breastfeeding as well as provide BPA free silicone chewing pleasure when her baby starts teething.

The beads are individually knotted and it has a break away clasp for safety.

This silicone teething necklace has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon from over 560 reviews.

I’ll Take A Bottle Of The House White Onesie

This gorgeous little unisex onesie will be perfect for any breastfeeding baby. This is sure to put a smile on any mommy’s face.

Eat Sleep Breastfeed Repeat Mug

Mommy is going to need to get loads of fluids in making this Eat Sleep Breastfeed Repeat Mug an awesome breastfeeding gift.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Tea

As mentioned, mommy will need to stay hydrated in order to produce enough breastmilk, but drinking coffee and tea with caffeine in is not going to be helpful. There are many herbal teas that increase breast milk and this organic Mother’s Milk tea will promote mommy’s lactation.

Bearsland Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Tops (Pack of 3)

These nursing tank tops are not only pretty and stylish, they also make breastfeeding so much easier. The front frills make a great breastfeeding cover for breastfeeding  while out and about in public.

Milkful Lactation Bars

While breastfeeding it is essential to always have healthy and wholesome snacks on you to ensure that your energy levels are kept up and to ensure that you are able to produce enough breast milk. These healthy lactation bars are the perfect snack for breastfeeding moms to keep their milk supply going strong.

Busytabs Breastfeeding Clips

These bra clip reminders are perfect to keep you on track with which side you fed on last – they also make for a lovely way to keep your baby distracted rather than tugging on your hair.

UpSpring Milkflow Fenugreek & Blessed Thistle Powder Chocolate Drink Mix

Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle are well known for increasing breast milk supply making this breastfeeding supplement is a great way to increase your breast milk supply. This will be a lovely gift for a new breastfeeding mommy.

Cat & Dogma Organic Infinity Nursing Scarf

These beautiful nursing scarfs will have mommy looking chic and stylish while also providing a convenient nursing cover for baby.

Eudora Harmony Bola Necklace

Worn during pregnancy the baby gets accustomed to the sounds of the pregnancy chimes in this harmony bola necklace. After birth the baby is used to the sounds of the chimes and will be comforted by the sound while breastfeeding and being cuddled by mommy. Baby can also start playing with the necklace while nursing as a comforter.

Latchpal Hands-free Nursing Clip

This hands-free nursing clip is super helpful to pin up your clothing while breastfeeding or pumping to keep it out of the way making your nursing experience so much easier and more comfortable for mommy and baby.

Nighty Night Nursing Light 

This cute nursing night light is super useful. It is activated with an easy push button . It is light weight and can clip onto mommy’s clothing or bra which is very convenient for night time feeding. It also has a vibration alarm which can be set for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes to track how long baby is feeding for.

PBnJ Baby Clip-itz Nursing Cover Clips

With these nifty nursing cover clips any blanket can easily become a hands free nursing cover – they are manufactured by PBnJ which is an established and trusted brand that sells in many retail stores.

The clips are easily used with one hand and they are gentle on fabric so they won’t cause any damage to your blankets.


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  1. Zanelle Pienaar

    Love this article!

    I love myself a baby shower, especially since becoming a mother. I look forward to buying a baby shower gift and I try to be as thoughtful as possible or at least buy something that the other guests didn’t think of. I always find that the mommy gets a bit ‘neglected’ when it comes to the gifts though. Having a baby shower is such a spoil in itself as every item a friend or family member buys saves you on costs…yeah!!!

    Buying the mommy something personal, even if it is just a pack of breast pads or a tub of body butter is always a nice gesture. I know this as all my friends that I have bought something small were so grateful.

    Personally I love the Made 4 Mom brand from Clicks. Affordable and they work!

    • Baby showers are awesome 🙂 Nothing better than being able to spoil a new mom to be and help her with her transition to being a mom by buying her really useful products that will make her life easier. I’m glad you enjoyed this article @zanelle and thanks for sharing your tip about eh Made 4 Mom brand at Clicks!

  2. I love all these ideas!!! Will definitely use them next time I’m off to a shower. I wish I knew about half of these when I had my little bundle, although as a breastfeeding mamma some of these are still useful.

    • And that’s why I love writing these gift ideas posts @tasmin – I love browsing around the shops and sharing awesome products I come across and also sharing the things that made a huge impact in my life.

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing this @lynne.

    There are so many great ideas here, plus I had no idea that they existed. 🙂

    I love all the clips (Nursing cover clips, Latchpal hands free nursing clips, busytabs breastfeeding clips). Great inventions and it will make a wonderful gift.

    The nighty night nursing light is awesome. I had to go to the sitting room every time I had to breastfeed, but eventually gave up. I expressed milk for the night feeds because it was so cold and not very comfortable. During the day I used to sit on the bed and breastfeed.

    The nursing tank tops and that Eudora harmony Bola necklace are not just beautiful, but very practical and useful. I’m not breastfeeding, but would love to wear either of them. What a stunning necklace and what a great idea about the chimes. The design of the necklace is very pretty and unique. I am curious as to where one can purchase it and the price?

    The chocolate powder drink would have come in very handy for me. I gave up breastfeeding and expressing after 10 weeks because I wasn’t producing enough milk. Not even the pill from the doctor helped. Maybe this product or those lactation bars could have done the trick.

    Thanks for sharing with us. This really are great gifts.

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