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Youth Basketball: How To Get Quicker, Faster and More Explosive On A Basketball Court

Does your kid love playing basketball? Read these basketball tips to make your kid much quicker and faster in the basketball court. Basketball has many different aspects to it. One of the areas which set an athlete apart from others is their speed on the court. Luckily, many drills and exercises can be done during practice and on your own to help increase your speed.

Whether you need to sprint to beat a competitor to the ball straight ahead or you want your speed to be translated into sideways movements, speed on the baseball court is essential. As a result, it is critical to do more than just sprint workouts in order to improve. Sprint workouts are important too. There is just more that can be done to help.

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Increase Strength

A basketball athlete needs to be strong. Strength translates into speed.  Having a strength program in your regular routine is always a good idea. This includes many exercises that help increase large muscles in the body including the quadriceps, hamstrings, core, shoulders, and much more.

By weight training, you will develop the necessary strength in order to get faster which will translate to speed on the court. You can read more about strength exercises for basketball here.


When you watch basketball on television, the athletes go from 0 to 10 quickly. Although overall speed is important, how quickly you can react is just as critical. In order to practice this and increase your quickness, stand completely stationary and don’t move. Have someone throw a ball out in front of you randomly. Your goal is to get the ball as quickly as possible.

These types of drills will help teach your muscles to react quicker and at any given time.


The basketball court is only so large. It’s also vital to ensure you can decelerate quickly. If you can’t, you may run into people or walls, and ultimately get injured.

In order to practice this, you want to not only practice decelerating but learn proper technique too. This will really save your joints in the long run. During the deceleration process, try and keep your knees flexed or bent and lower than your hips.

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Ball Handling Skills

You won’t be able to go fast if you are not able to properly dribble the ball and bring it with you. Ball handling skills require hand-eye coordination.

To practice this, bounce the ball everywhere you can. If you’re heading to the court, bounce on the walk. If you’re talking with friends, bounce the ball—and so on. Eventually, it will become second nature to you. You should also practice drills in practice so you can make quick decisions on the court with the ball in your hand. Both will really improve your basketball game.

As you can see, there are many things that can be done to increase your speed on the court. Make sure to include regular speed work into your practice routine. By incorporating all these exercises, you will get faster quickly.

There is no such thing as an athlete that is too fast. This means you can always keep improving. Keep working on these exercises, and your speed will continue to increase.

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